Merise Afrikaans - November/Desember 2015

Publisher: merisemedia
Category: Culture, Lifestyle
Language: Afrikaans
Frequency : Monthly

Afrikaans, Afrikaans, oral Afrikaans . . . in Australië en Amerika, in Nieu-Seeland, in Nederland, Japan, China en Singapoer. Selfs in die Verenigde Koninkryk en die Emirate – ons moedertaal word oral oor gehoor! Dink net hoe opgewonde CP Hoogenhout sou wees as hy kon beleef hoe sterk ons pragtige taal deesdae staan. In 1941 het hy sy kommer oor die voortbestaan van Afrikaans in die baie bekende gedig “Engels! Engels! Alles Engels! Engels wat jy sien en hoor; in ons skole, in ons kerke, word on moedertaal vermoor”, uitgespreek. Vandag, byna 75 jaar nadat CP Hoogenhout so mismoedig oor die bedreiging van Afrikaans gevoel het, word feeste ter viering van ons hartstaal wêreldwyd gehou! Lees meer oor twee sulke feeste. Merise skryf ook oor ‘n gastehuis in Auckland, Nieu-Seeland, waar jy in Afrikaans verwelkom word. Vier Kersfees in Afrikaans! Merise plaas ‘n lys van Afrikaanse kersdienste wat in Australië en Nieu-Seeland gehou word. Weet jy van nog ander Afrikaanse Kersdienste? Stuur asseblief ‘n e-pos na sodat dit by die lys gevoeg kan word. Weet jy wat Uber is? Merise het ‘n bietjie meer daaroor uitgevind – wat dit is, hoe dit werk en hoe dit jou kan help. Lekker lees tot volgende keer!

Merise is a digital family magazine and was started in 2011 to inform, encourage and assist each other as we together face the challenges of settling and integrating into our new community. We talk openly about the different aspects of our lives that take strain through the migration process – from helping our kids to adjust to their new schools to leaving parents behind in another country and changes in the dynamics of our personal relationships. We provide valuable information about financial and visa matters, inviting specialists to write articles about topics which would be beneficial to our readers. Merise writes about the beauty of our new country by featuring different geographical areas in Australia and New Zealand, thereby giving would-be migrants or readers who are planning holidays or moving interstate a better understanding about what to expect in their new place of residence. Merise is a new friend to you and your whole family. The ascending aircraft is symbolic of her desire to reach for the stars. Even her name is symbolic. By dividing the word in two, you get “me rise”, accentuating her desire to make improvements to herself and her life. It is important for Merise to support her friends, not just newcomers, but all expats in Australia and New Zealand who left their homeland to find new means of livelihood “Down Under”. Merise lends a hand in almost every way. She’s been through the immigration process and experienced it all first hand. She is thoroughly aware of difficulties that may arise for both newcomers and experienced expats and knows how to overcome, or should we say “survive”, these difficulties. Merise is vivacious and enthusiastic and lives her life in her new country to the full. She loves exploring and is always on the lookout for new challenges and new experiences. At the same time she enjoys sharing her experiences with her friends, always encouraging and inspiring them. Merise is fully bilingual and she has English- as well as Afrikaans-speaking friends. She divides her time equally between the two groups of friends and shares the same information with both groups. You will have to go quite far to find a friend as special as Merise . . .

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