The key decision for us was how to best serve the long term needs our audience. We sought a distributor that was not only strong today, but guaranteed to be there for the future. Magzter was the clear choice. Many of the other digital newsstand providers that approached us have already come and gone. With Magzter we knew we had a solid partner that would always be there to look out for the best interests of our customers. Additionally, from a production standpoint we needed a simple, seamless conversion process to take our monthly InDesign files from PDF to digital edition. Magzter provided that from day one.

Jeff Kirn - President, Fur-Fish-Game Magazine

We are very pleased to join Magzter in order to expand the outreach of our two magazines CARS GLOBALMAG & RACE GLOBALMAG. As we are one of the few truly global automotive news sources, guaranteeing quality products that are also free, we are sure that Magzter with its millions of subscribers, will help us increase even more our worldwide audience engagement.

Vittorio Gargiulo - Chief Editor, CARS GLOBALMAG & RACE GLOBALMAG

“It has been a pleasure running with Magzter. It is great to have the opportunity to share our titles with audiences around the world in such a fast and easy to use format. We hope that our new readers will enjoy reading our projects and articles, and we welcome them to join our communities which can be found through our company website”

Kate Hall - Subscriptions Manager, MyTime Media

"The FINAPOLIS is a specialised magazine that helps people make informed investment decisions. We have partnered with Magzter for over a year now as it is the most popular online magazine store. We hope that this partnership will be of mutual benefit and more importantly build a legion of investors who systematically grow their wealth and enjoy the benefits of smart investing in India"

Mubaashir Ansari - Publisher, The Finapolis

" Having taught Watercolor painting for the last 35 years, it was decided to go digital with a magazine titled Watercolor For You. As this was a fresh idea and a new avenue, a careful decision had to be taken. After all considerations it became apparent that Magzter was the obvious choice to partner with and grow our digital presence with its 24 million subscribers. For a non-computer person, placing the magazine on Magzter platform was amazingly easy. Reaching out to a vast and growing audience that Magzter provides is exciting and rewarding. I cannot ask for anything better than that. Happy Painting!"

Jim - Publisher, Watercolor For You Magazine

"Since long we were looking for a platform to best serve the long term needs of our readers. GNN Group is so pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of our publications, "Indiaah", "Outbound International" and "Last Sunday". We are confident that Magzter, with its impressive 24 million subscribers, will provide us strong presence on the digital world. We're always looking ways to engage a global audience with an interest in digital content, Magzter was the clear choice. With Magzter we knew we had a solid partner that would always be there to look out for the best interests of our customers."

Anil Sharma - Editor & Publisher, GNN Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.

"Our entire crew is very pleased to partner with Magzter in a mutual effort to grow the online distribution of /Florida Sport Fishing Magazine. We are extremely confident that Magzter, with its 24 million subscribers, will greatly assist us in reaching an entirely new audience and with vastly expanding our interactive digital footprint. We continue to seek new methods in today’s technology driven age to engage a global audience looking for quality digital content and Magzter provides us with the perfect platform to accomplish our goals."

Capt. Mike Genoun - Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Florida Sport Fishing Magazine

"We are thrilled to partner with Magzter. There is no question that they are the leader in the global digital newsstand space. With their mega-millions of subscribers, our Directory reach has been greatly expanded and we now have the potential of reaching millions of new women readers around the world. Now, that makes a difference!"

Nancy Mills - Publisher, The Spirited Woman Directory

“FABULOUS FLOORS MAGAZINE is pleased to partner with Magzter to grow distribution of our quarterly and specialty publications. We were on the forefront of technology providing uniquely interactive digital issues on Magzter using video and animation on covers, advertisements and the editorial. Magzter’s impressive 24 million subscribers has been a “Fabulous” platform for our publication and our readership. We look forward to continue this relationship.“

Margo Locust - Editor & Publisher, Fabulous Floors Magazine

“I’m thrilled to partner with Magzter as the exclusive online distributor of the MINX comic series. With millions of subscribers and high quality presentation, Magzter will help us attract a global audience that we could never reach through print distribution alone. People are viewing media in a completely different way nowadays and Magzter provides an engaging platform.”

Andrea Grant - Author, MINX Comic Book Series

"We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Entrepreneur Magazine. We are confident that Magtzer with its 24 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with that platform."

Mark Tavarozzi - Publisher, Entrepreneur Magazine

"Magzter's subscriber base of over 24 million helps us take our siliconindia magazine's online reach to a broader spectrum. This helps us in serving the audience better and be a part of the industry's knowledge sharing platform."

Anamika Sahu - Managing Editor, siliconindia

"We are delighted to partner with Magzter to grow the online distribution of Thought Notebook Journal. We continue to seek new approaches to engage with a global digital audience and Magzter provides us with that platform. We are pleased with their innovative approach to serving publisher’s needs with marketing tools and support that is unheard of in other partnerships."

Kat Lahr - Founder and Creative Director, Thought Collection Publishing

"Being a truly global magazine with its international and local editions, HOLA! is looking to reach more of its readers through the digital sphere – anywhere and anytime. Not only will the digital edition become an easy medium of access, it will also allow fresh, relevant lifestyle and entertainment news to reach various audiences with just one click. This partnership with Magzter provides the perfect bridge between our print and digital editions, as well as an expansion of our distribution tools, while keeping the high quality our signature design and content."

Dianne Pineda - Managing Editor, La Revista Publications, Inc.

"Verve is pleased to have been a part of Magzter for the last couple of years. We see it as a progressive platform and have faith in the growing readership of the Indian audience on online channels. We have seen a positive growth in readers engaging on the digital version of our Print edition via Magzter. Taking Verve's glossy Print edition online to millions of subscribers is a valuable service, which increases the reach of our publication and particularly so in a self-service tablet publishing solution. Magzter has demystified the act of online publishing!"

Sitanshi Talati-Parikh - Digital Editor, Verve Magazine

“Project Ten Organisation is excited to partner with Magzter for the launch of six new magazine apps, and in particular with our flagship titles, Client Magazine and Beauty Rebel. We are proud to have found a developer that appreciates art, fashion and photography whilst providing an incredible network of support and experience. We look forward to expanding our digital reach with this outstanding platform”

Ian Cole - Founder & Publisher, Client Magazine (Project TEN Organization)

"The EXTRORDINAIR group has ambitious growth plans for our prestigious group of media brands. We have exclusively partnered with Magzter because of their outstanding support team, their outstanding digital newsstand technology and their international influence with over 25 million users and counting. Our exclusive partnership validates our quest to grow EXTRORDINAIR into an international media powerhouse."

Hansen Naidoo - CEO & Group Creative Director, EXTRORDINAIR Group (Pty) Ltd

"Joining Magzter as a publisher has been a key decision in the growth of our title Thrive Magazine. We recognised the strength and reach that Magzter has and knew that our titles would benefit from their advancement in technology too. Magzter makes getting our titles to our audience and a worldwide audience simple and seamless."

Sue Hay - Editor,Thrive Magazine - U.K

"Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly is very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of our cycling lifestyle magazine. We came to Magzter because it is a one-stop-shop in terms of providing access to the major portals for the consumption of digital magazines. Magzter presents digital magazines in a better way and it compliments the beautiful and captivating imagery in our magazine. We are confident that Magtzer with its 24 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and interactive footprint. The publisher's portal in Magzter is easy to use and intuitive. The staff are friendly and responsive. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with that platform. We are looking at the future in a positive way with Magzter."

Benjamin Fitzmaurice - Founder & Editor, Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly

"We are very excited to partner with Magzter in our online distribution of Modeliste magazine. As a Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Art & Style publication, we are confident that Magzter with its 25 million subscribers will help us broaden our target audience and readership through their unique and interactive digital platform. Magzter has enabled Modeliste to continue to expand and further engage with a global audience and market looking for high quality and relevant digital content. We are excited to announce the premier of our Spring 2015 issue with Magzter!"

Amy McCabe - Editor-in-Chief, Modeliste Magazine

It was a great pleasure to partner with Magzter and give all the publications relating to luxury real estate, high-end watches, Vietnam’s dining and after-hours scene, resort and spa locales as well as the country's most fashionable boutiques to the global readers through this well known global digital newsstand - Magzter. We are proud to announce that we are happy to be on-board Magzter and pleased to be working with them. The partnership with Magzter will give a good chance to the audience for catching all different styles of reading in digital magazine industry.

Ms. Jade Huynh - Managing Director, Oriental Media Co Ltd - Vietnam

"We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the digital distribution of Business Money magazine. With its 25+ million subscribers we are confident Magzter will help us expand our readership and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a wider global audience who are looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with an ideal platform to achieve this."

Sophie Grove - Commercial Director, Business Money e-mbrace Ltd

"In just two years Real Brides has become the biggest selling bridal magazine in South Africa.The association with Magzter will take the publication to another level as it will now not only be available in digital format but highly importantly be a full international publication. The key is that REAL BRIDES magazine is unique - it's all about the weddings of brides like you and I - normal everyday people. So its content is structured for international readers"

Ramsay Stewart - CEO, Ramcom Publishing (Pty) Ltd

“We are so happy about our partnership with Magzter. Their team has made it ‘paint by numbers’ in growing the online distribution of Innovation & Tech Today magazine. We are confident that Magzter with its 25 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content, and Magzter provides us with that platform. It has been one of our favorite partnerships, and we look forward to expanding into new, innovative ways to reach a tech savvy audience."

Charles Warner - CEO and Publisher, Innovation & Tech Today

"We were selling our eBooks successfully worldwide since last one year. Magzter provided us a good platform for the International market through its own web portal and other platforms like Apple and Android. The product page designed for listing a book is very appealing and it is also linked to showing all our other publications under one roof which becomes much easier for the user. Hope we will get a good response here"

Azeem Ahmad Khan - CEO, General Press India

"For many months, I had grown increasingly frustrated with our previous digital distributor but thankfully a fellow publisher made me aware of Magzter. From my first exploratory inquiry, Magzter has been extraordinarily accessible, candid, professional, and flexible. I was truly impressed with how quickly they made our large back issue catalogue available and on top of that created several branded apps—all for free! WOW! The customer service is simply second to none! The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. It’s quite refreshing to deal with people who are both competent and amiable. To partner with Magzter has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made during my 16+ years in magazine publishing! I look forward to have Magzter in our corner for many years to come."

Eric Lilleør - Publisher & Editor, Wing Chun Illustrated - UK

"One Mega Group, Inc. is the Philippines’ pioneer publishing company of glossy magazines that offer world class fashion and lifestyle publications. As the company comes aboard to the digital realm, we are thrilled to have established a partnership with the world’s largest and fastest growing digital multiplatform newsstand and magazine store, Magzter. Now, readers can enjoy reading our ten titles: MEGA, Meg, Lifestyle Asia, My Home, Condo Living, BluPrint, Appetite, Travel Now, Inside Showbiz and Celebrity Mom. We are set to maintain dominance in local bookstores, and conquer the online newsstands by offering a unique reading experience to the readers."

One Mega Team - Philippines

" We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Sofrito Magazine. And with our Spanish version being released as well, We are confident that Magzter with its 25 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with that platform."

Nelson Gonzalez - Editor-in-Chief, Sofrito Magazine

"With the digital content audience growing, we are pleased to be working with Magzter to help push forward with our digital strategy. With a solid infrastructure and a user base of over 25 million subscribers, Magzter gave us the tools we need to push forward into the digital age of magazines!"

Melanie Emile - PR & Promotions, Ronald P Frye & Co

“We are excited about this collaboration. Magzter offers access to over 25 million global subscribers and is a great way for us to build our brands’ global presence on a digital platform. It’s very important to us that our magazine titles are easily accessible to new and existing readers and Magzter offers customers access as and when they want it.”

Steve Drake - Publisher, NICHE magazine

“As the founder of Native Entertainment Magazine I have been super satisfied with Magzter services. We’ve been partners with them for over a year and they have continually exceeded our expectations. In an age where millennials rule the way music, magazines and various types of media is consumed Magzter has shown that they are prepared to stay afoot with ground-breaking and futuristic companies like Native Entertainment Magazine; helping us expand digitally without insane costs and fees. For companies like Native Entertainment Magazine that distribute hard-copies nationally to major bookstores like Hastings Books and Music and Barnes & Noble it’s an added blessing to be able to offer our magazine as an app on major outlets like iTunes and Amazon to our worldwide audience.”

Tito Gutierrez - Founder, Native Entertainment Magazine

"EPICMEDIA is a full-suite branding agency that provides a full spectrum of services aimed at attracting the right audience you want. With ELEMENT Magazine, which is our core finest publication read world wide, Magzter is the perfect platform to allow users to have full access to our magazines in all their devices hassle free"

Noel Ng - Creative Director, Epic Media Pte Ltd, Singapore

"As a smaller niche market publication with a growing global audience, we were very conscious that there were two main problem areas that Magzter could solve for us. These were widening our audience to include more tech savvy or green readers who prefer online to hard copy format. We are constantly battling the increasing cost of shipping from UK around the word . As a cost conscious business the opportunity to work on a revenue share basis, whilst accessing the 25 million Magzter client base solves both these issues for us. We saw results in just the first week and will now be uploading our entire back catalogue to leverage the increased sales potential as well as escalating customer awareness of our brand."

Lynda Johnson - Publisher, Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine.

"I'm so excited! It is such a wonderful thing to partner with MAGZTER in promoting the Philippines true-lifestyle, opportunities and investments to the world. MAGZTER and their 25 million global readers add amazing additional exposure for our fans, advertisers, sponsors and the Philippines. Now, millions more people can enjoy my true-life Philippines, reality magazines and coffee table books. Plus, the added value to my advertisers and sponsors is a wonderful thing for sales! Thanks MAGZTER!"

Kareem Antonio-Jackson - The Philippines Magazine International Series, US Executive Publisher, KA&CO Publishing.

"We’re extremely proud to join Magzter and delighted to offer our carefully-edited monthly magazine, plus all our special editions to millions of potential readers around the globe. For over nine decades, El Gráfico has been a guarantee of quality journalism and has always paid attention to changes, in order to keep up-to-date with modern times, but without discarding the values and history that transformed the publication into the most prestigious Argentinian magazine in the world. We’re convinced that being present in a major editorial hub like Magzter is another step in the right direction, a decision that will broaden our horizons and surely help us find new readers in new markets, by offering them our unparalleled sports magazine in a high-resolution, reliable and resolute app.

Martin Mazur - Deputy Editor at El Gráfico - Argentina

''It is exciting for us to partner with Magzter in order to reach out to our fellow creative souls worldwide. We love seeking new methods of engaging with our followers, Magzter, with its 25 million subscribers, is therefore a great platform for us!''

Anja Poulsen - Founder, Bwatt Magazine

"SHE Canada is excited to partner with Magzter in an effort to expand our reach and grow our online presence. Magzter makes it easy to promote our digital publication with easy to use functions, and efficient sales tools in addition to their network of 25 million subscribers. Their interactive platform engages the digital consumer on a global scale and allows you to feel confident that Magzter will help you reach your online goals."

Aly Zorn - Assistant National Account Director, SHE Canada

"We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Origins Journal. We are confident that Magzter, with its 25 million subscribers, will help us reach a diverse audience and promote the literary arts worldwide. We want to engage those who are interested in high-quality digital content and introduce our writers to new readers at home and abroad."

Dini Karasik - Editor, Origins Journal

“We are delighted with Magzter, which has given us a completely new approach in the distribution of our magazines. With Magzter, we are addressing customer groups to which previously WMP did not have access.”

Hans Stübinger - Marketing & Sales B2C, WEKA MEDIA PUBLISHING GmbH

"EMBRACE natural hair magazine is pleased to be able to partner with Magzter in the distribution of our digital publication. By partnering with Magzter we expect to be able to reach a larger audience within Magzter’s 25 million subscribers. Magzter’s platform allows us to easily and quickly publish to all digital platforms. Here at EMBRACE we are continuing to seek ways to engage with a global audience looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with an additional platform that allows us to reach that goal."

Donna Jenkins - Owner and Founder, EMBRACE The Curl - USA

"After searching with different companies to find a company who could help take Ye'Nique magazine to the next level in all digital platforms, Magzter, proved to be a clear choice. Their attention to detail from the initial start has put a very stable confidence that we have made the right decision! We look forward to a continued growing digital partnership and all that Magzter brings to the table!"

Donielle Monique - Editor-in-Chief, Ye'Nique magazine

"Outside Magazine is pleased to partner with Magzter. We are excited at this opportunity to expand our digital offerings and to grow our audience worldwide"

Outside Magazine Team - USA

"Greetings from Mongolia! We are thrilled to be partnering with the world’s largest growing digital multiplatform newsstand and magazine store, Magzter. These digitized editions will further strengthen our new media offerings and let us cross promote to both our readers to advertisers. Thank you Magzter for your outstanding service."

Enkhjargal Tsendjav - CEO, Forbes Mongolia Magazine

"Publishing house S3 Mediji Ltd. with titles 'Rolling Stone Croatia', 'Top Gear Croatia' is pleased to partner with Magzter. We will soon be joined with Maxim and Women's Health Croatia. With its impressive 25 million subscribers, Magzter will enable us to grow our audience and make a lasting impression on the digital world."

Toni Moškov - CEO, S3 Mediji Ltd - Coratia

"Comix Asylum is extremely pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Comix Asylum Magazine. Published bi-monthly, Comix Asylum Magazine explores the world of comic books, movies, television, toys and collectibles providing readers with in-depth articles, exclusive video interviews with some of the industry’s top creators, trailers of your favorite movies and the latest news and developments in the world of pop culture entertainment. We are confident that Magzter with its 25 million subscribers will help us grow our global audience and our interactive footprint."

Steve Bynoe - Editorial Director, Comix Asylum

“Magzter gives us the unique opportunity to reach out to global readers with our latest English version of Connect Magazine. We focus on satisfying the readers by publishing unique test results of latest smartphones, tablets and other devices. We firmly believe that Magzter will always be there to look out for the best interests of our customers.”

Mr. Hans Stübinger - Director Marketing & Sales B2C, WEKA MEDIA Publishing GmbH.

"We are delighted to partner with Magzter, whose 25 million subscribers base will be the perfect demographic fit for the online distribution of Mobile Gaming Executive newsletter. Being a 100% digital publication, we are sure that Magzter will help us grow our reader base and our interactive footprint."

Jacques LeDIsco - Publisher - Mobile Gaming Executive

"As publisher of Country Diva magazine, I am very pleased with the opportunity to partner with Magzter in growing my subscription base online. I am impressed with the fact that Magzter has the ability with its 25 million subscribers to help my magazine accomplish this quickly."

Alora - Publisher, Country Diva LLC - USA

"Condé Nast China has always been committed to producing the highest-quality products and to providing premium services to our partners and clients. Magzter is a leading global digital newsstand and we believe our partnership will enable Conde Nast China’s titles to be more broadly and efficiently distributed. We are excited to launch this partnership!"

Elizabeth SCHIMEL - President, Conde Nast China

"TVGM is very pleased to partner with Magzter in continuing the growth of our on distribution of TV Guide magazine. We are looking forward to introducing the foremost guide to What’s Worth Watching to Magzter’s highly engaged audience of 25 million subscribers.”

David J. Fishman - CEO, TV Guide Magazine

"We are so happy to partner with Magzter in order to take Lipstick Chronicles Magazine on a bigger platform. Magzter has been amazing and not only do they care about growing their company with more clients but I also feel that they truly care about growing our company and product as well. We are confident that Magzter with its 25 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and brand! Thank you for this amazing opportunity."

Ericka Sluka - Chief Editor and CEO - Lipstick Chronicles, LLC and Lipstick Chronicles Magazine - USA

"The reason I selected Magzter is that it is the biggest digital platform out there for magazine promotion and distribution, and my aim in using it is to extend Caduceus' profile and awareness as far and wide beyond the UK as possible.'

Simon Best - Editor, Caduceus Journal Ltd. - UK

“Cambodia Insight Magazine has always been on the lookout for innovative and original ways of getting new readers. We currently have our own website and are on Facebook of course. We are totally thrilled to be working with Magzter. Being a small company, we were somewhat limited in the ways in which to discover new readers. Becoming a partner with such a well-established digital magazine store allows us to reach out to an entirely new and vast market. This will allow Cambodia Insight to become recognized with readers that would not have found us otherwise.”

Dave Courtright - Editor-In-Chief, Evans Marketing Business Adviser Co., Ltd, Cambodia

"MILK is a bilingual, bi-monthly magazine about contemporary art, music, film, fashion and opinion. We are based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, covering arts news from here and abroad. The last few years we have seen a shift in the print media landscape, in which slow, well-designed media with integrated online platforms and a native approach to advertising have flourished. The dual language means that the magazine targets both Khmers and the young expat crowd, who have a similar interest in the cultural scene in their adopted country. Few magazines have been successful at reaching both expat and Cambodian targets, but we have the right editorial and stylistic balance to do so. In short, we’re upping the ante in the Cambodian publishing scene, bringing the first cutting edge, cultural, high quality magazine to the country. Magzter is an internationally known e-magazine store that helps us in our next step to share MILK magazine digitally with people around the world. We are excited to liaise with the amazing Magzter team and to watch this partnership thrive."

Ms. Grace H.Gutekanst - Sales and Social Media Manager - Milk Magazine, Cambodia

"UpperCrust is India’s first and finest food magazine. When we decided to expand our network to a wider audience via digital media, we did not have to look too far, for we knew of and had received a fair number of recommendations in favour of Magzter. After a three-year long association, we are satisfied with the response it has garnered for us in terms of global reach; for instance, a person in Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada knew of and had subscribed to UpperCrust. Thanks to the efficient online newsstand, that is Magzter."

Rozina Gaziyani - Advertising & Business Strategist - UpperCrust Magazine, India

"We at Next Gen are very happy to have partnered with Magzter since its inception. Magzter has been disruptive in its ways to improve the reach and penetration of our magazines globally. Our magazine brands and advertisers have greatly benefited from the exponential reach provided by Magzter."

Girish Mallya - Publisher, Next Gen Publishing Limited, India

"Magzter’s scalable interface allows us to add levels for capturing revenue to our subscription model, which no other digital platform can offer. When issues arise, their customer service is excellent, immediate and effective."

Jeffrey Williams - Publisher, OneSource Content Mktg - USA

"Psychic News chose to partner with Magzter in order to gain access to their global reach, which we are confident will help us to attract new readers from around the world. Psychic News has been the leading publication covering Spiritualism and the paranormal since it was established in 1932 and we look forward to working with the Magzter team to build the digital sales of our title."

Paul Brett - Director - Psychic Press Ltd.

"For the first time in 80 years Newsweek is publishing a dedicated European edition. This exciting weekly publication offers a clear combination of news, culture and thought-provoking ideas that challenge the smart and inquisitive. We are pleased to be working with Magzter to deliver this to our readers."

Sam Rhodes - Subscriptions Manager EMEA - Newsweek Europe

"Before Magzter reached out to us, there were many people who kept asking about the e-magazine of Business Cambodia and we didn't have one for them then. Now we are so excited that Business Cambodia is available on a digital platform and we also hope that many Cambodian people living abroad would enjoy the benefits."

Mr.Sam Kosal - CEO, Baksey Media, Cambodia

"We chose Magzter to help us increase our digital reach and make 'The Juice' by Jabong.com available to people on all mobile platforms and give them access to the most affordable and trendiest fashion, curated monthly."

Arun Chandramohan - CEO & Co-founder, Jabong.com

Magzter has a huge magazine market in the world. Their way of advertising is very appealing. Through the newsletters, SNS and APP, they approach their enormous readers at once. We appreciate that Magzter gives us a very good opportunity to expand our business to the world. We believe that Magzter's services will be a big help for us to stimulate all dog lovers out of Japan. We also convince this partnership will be effective for us

Ms. Sayoko Komari - Cuun Magazine, Japan

"As mobile phones and internet have become a big part of modern life, reading habits have also changed and electronic magazines are becoming a popular trend. We at DTM are very glad to have the opportunity to work with the world’s largest internet platform MAGZTER to leverage on MAGZTER’s many years of marketing experience to assist DTM go beyond regional border lines and access the global market. We believe that the said mode of cooperation will make our sales performance grow by leaps and bounds."

Ms. Joyce Wei - Manager - Sales, Defense Technology Monthly, Taiwan

"As our readership continues to expand, both nationally and globally, we have an increasing need for an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly way to deliver our content overseas—and to tablets all over America. The decision to turn to Magzter's distribution channel wasn't something that we took lightly, and thankfully, it has exceeded our expectations and paid off in dividends, helping us to grow Pilates Style magazine and reach our full potential."

Bambi Abernathy - Editor-in-Chief, Pilates Style magazine

"We have a great website for our magazine, The Good Life, which is very useful for viewers who know about us. But, we were struggling with how to get exposure to a wider audience who had no idea about our fun magazine. Then, serendipitously, Magzter came along. Getting our magazine on a worldwide newsstand - Magzter has 26 million subscribers - gives potential viewers (and perhaps advertisers) an opportunity to stumble across us, just like a human browser might do at a physical newsstand. Sometimes, chance encounters can lead to a lifetime relationship.Thanks, Magzter, for being our partner in growing our online distribution."

Mike Cassidy - Editor, Good Life Magazine

“Forbes Republica Dominicana see in Magzter a perfect ally for its expansion plans. Forbes Republica Dominicana feels excited in partnering with Magzter, which is the world's largest digital newsstand with over 6000 magazines and 26+ million users. We eagerly await to have a great experience in the area of digital magazines with Magzter.”

Xavier Pires - Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Republica Dominicana

"Simple. Innovative. Adaptable. With the growing digital content audience, as a magazine for gentlemen who have arrived, Esquire Thailand is very pleased to be working with Magzter based on our objective to start growing in media platform from print to the digital world and expand target reader to the new generation. With over 26 million subscribers and a solid infrastructure, it is one of the best opportunity that we couldn't deny."

Paron Sujitjorn - Digital Content Editor, Esquire Thailand

"The Cat Mag is the only magazine written by cats, for cats and cat lovers! We know there are millions of cat lovers worldwide, but we had no way of reaching them until we teamed up with Magzter. With their 26 million subscribers we feel confident that we will attract an international audience of cats and cat lovers. Thank you Magzter"

Frank L. Whiting - Founder and Publisher, The Cat Mag

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Your Vintage Business Magazine. This is a very exciting time for us as we develop our digital presence. We are pleased to to be putting our confidence and trust in Magtzer, ensuring that our magazine is fully accessible to Magzter's 26 million subscribers. A partnership with the world's leading digital publisher will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We are constantly looking for ways to draw our audience to the benefits of digital media and with the extensive platform that Magzter provides us with, we are sure to reach our targets and beyond."

Michelle Hatcher - Founder & Editor, Your Vintage Business Magazine - UK

"I was looking for a trust worthy company with an excellent customer service. Tried various options earlier, but Magzter has proved to be the best of all and we are honored to work with Magzter. We started off with Entrepreneurs magazine and we will soon be publishing all our other magazine titles with Magzter.Thanks to Team Magzter for their wonderful support and service."

Mohammed Ramadan - IT Manager - S.J Media Entrepreneurship, Egypt

"Coach & Player Magazine is pleased to partner with Magzter, as we look to expand our digital audience. Magzter has lived up to their stellar reputation for great customer service and lightening fast tech support. Also, Magzter has exceeded our expectations by proactively providing us with marketing tools and solutions that no other online distributor has ever come close to offering."

Frank Stephens III - Owner/CEO, Coach & Player Magazine - USA

"We are glad to have our magazine in a growing online platform like Magzter. It has given us a wider reach that is not possible through other online channels and newsstands. I take this opportunity to thank Magzter for this partnership."

Mr. Lawrence Leong - Managing Director & Publisher, Kingsman Media Pte Ltd. - Singapore

"Magzter has proven to be extremely professional in their field, and iLOOK is excited and very glad to join Magzter. As readers turn to digital media, it is necessarily for print media to innovate appropriately to become the content provider that today's reader seeks. iLOOK is very privileged to have the opportunity to partner with Magzter and also hope to bring readers more quality and entertaining content."

Ms. Anny Chia - Editor-In-Chief, iLOOK Magazine - Taiwan

“Total Wrestling is one of the fastest growing wrestling magazines in the world today and we have partnered with the world's leading digital newsstand - Magzter, to increase our readership levels. The process of setting up an app can be daunting. However, Magzter has been brilliant in making this process an effortless one and has also made digital circulation much easier. Magzter offers a very strong platform to distribute our magazines digitally to its 26+ million global users.”

Darren Wood - Editor, Total Wrestling Magazine, UK

"As a small, women-owned business owner, I am always looking for partners where we benefit mutually by working together. Magzter came to us, and offered Endurance Racing Magazine a solutions-based approach to help us reach our target markets."

Alix J. Shutello - CEO, Endurance Racing Magazine

"Being a leading business magazine, BUSINESSWORLD was highly focused on reaching out to the vast global digital readers. As digital versions have become the best and easy medium of access, it allows our content to reach different set of audiences with just one click. This partnership with Magzter proves to be our best distribution tool for all our digital promotions. We feel great pleasure in being associated with Magzter and we look forward to an enduring business relationship."

Anurag Batra - Chairman, BW BUSINESSWORLD - India

"As a new publication, The College10 Magazine was very pleased once given the opportunity to be partnered with Magzter in growing the online distribution of our digital magazine. We love the functionality of the site and ease of use. We are extremely confident that Magzter with its 26 million subscribers and 1.4 million Facebook followers will help us grow our readership. So, Thank you Magzter & looking forward to a bright future with you."

Michael J.Sellers - Publisher, The College10 Magazine, USA

“Kyoto Journal's partnership with Magzter has allowed the journal to step beyond brick-and-mortar restrictions and embrace the many wide and varied markets of digital media distribution. Magzter's dedicated team provides unparalleled support with emerging technologies in interactivity and animation in digital magazines.”

Ken Rodgers - Editor, Kyoto Journal - Japan

“Be Who You Are is pleased to partner with Magzter. We aim to produce a well defined magazine that caters to all people and we strongly believe that our partnership with Magzter will help us to achieve greater success in growing our readership with loyal subscribers."

Ms. Barbara Archer - CEO, Be Who You Are Magazine - USA

“ We are pleased to partner with Magzter for two of our titles, StyleSpeak and Glamstar. For a print publication to go digital is a significant task, one that needs time, energy and most importantly tech know how. Magzter had all these and more, they seamlessly integrated with our teams and drove our digital presence in a timely efficient manner. It is very exciting to see our titles have their own apps and be exposed to millions of subscribers giving us a solid online presence that increases our reach & audience engagement”

Smita Chipalkatti Dcunha - Associate Publisher, C & E Media - India

" The Vincentian Publishing Company Limited in its bid to reach audiences globally, are pleased to partner with Magzter in increasing the digital outreach of our magazine. Having been the only chronicle of mas in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (via the print medium) for the past 13 years through our Vincy Carnival Souvenir Magazine, we are happy to jump on board with Magzter in our bid to reach audiences worldwide for the first time. We acknowledge the expansion of the technological realm and we have every confidence that with its millions of subscribers and effective team, Magzter will help us do just that."

PR & Promotions Team - The Vincentian Publishing Company Ltd - St.Vincent, W.I

"As our main objective was to take our magazines to global readers, we needed to choose a well-established company that would help us to develop faster. We are most pleased to partner with Magzter, which gives us an amazing online exposure with its 26 million subscribers and helps us in growing our audience bases for our magazines - Israeli Lens & Israeli Art Market."

Dafna Navarro - CEO&Founder, Israeli Lens & Israeli Art Market - Israel

"Our crew at Belleza Moda Magazine is pleased to partner with Magzter in an effort to grow the online distribution of our magazine. As one of the only magazines that cater to a global audience in terms of lifestyle and luxury, we are certain that this will be the perfect platform to showcase our ideas and creation. With its millions of subscribers and engaging content, Magzter will help us increase distribution to our worldwide audience."

The Editorial Team - Belleza Moda Magazine - Ontario, Canada

"We are very excited to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Equanimity magazine. We chose Magzter because it is a fabulous platform for Equanimity to connect with like-minded individuals who seek what we offer! We are confident that Magzter will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint and attract a global audience that we couldn’t otherwise reach.We look forward to a continued relationship!"

Lumbie Mlambo - CEO, Equanimity Magazine, USA

"Magzter has so far proven to be one of the best customer care service provider and we are very excited about the idea of partnering with them to grow Blanck Magazine’s online presence and sales distribution. Their swift response and speedy turnaround time is highly remarkable and we know that with the Brand’s 26 Million subscribers and professional work ethics, Magzter is definitely the best online platform to work with. My expectation is to be the highly selling Digital African Publication... the digital market in African is growing speedily, my hope is that our partnership with Magzter will help boost the popularity of the Both brands in the whole of Africa, which I believe is a huge untapped market."

Franka Asindi Chiedu - Blanck Magazine - UK

"We’ve experienced great digital growth with MAXIM Australia, and Magzter has seen the best % growth of any digital platform we use. I believe this is primarily because of how easy it is for readers to use the app, and also how user-friendly the back-end is for content creators. It’s by far the best digital platform we use in terms of its ease of navigation and different options it provides publishers. "

Michael Downs - Founder & CEO, MAXIM - Australia

"Like its readership, Gafencu Men has a 24/7 commitment to delivering excellence in every area of its activities – print, events, broadcast and online. With access, reliability and speed of communication at a premium, Magzter is the obvious partner for Hong Kong and mainland China’s leading title for affluent and aspirational men."

Ms. Lina Ross Mohindar - CEO and Publisher, Total Media Limited, Hong Kong

" Glitter Magazine is pleased to partner with Magzter for our upcoming issues with some of your favorite celebrities. We have always known that digital publishing was the future of media and we have always remained on the cutting edge with our social media presence and informative digital features. We are confident that Magzter with its 26 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint, as we engage with readers and bring you our exclusive entertainment, fashion and beauty features. Stay tuned for amazing covers and interviews with some of the most entertaining celebrities and "real people" viral stars. "

Nikki Fowler - Founder & Creative Director, Glitter Magazine - USA

"We, at No Serial Number e-Magazine, chose Magzter because it allowed us to start an entirely new, professional and especially interactive e-magazine with a low budget. From day one, Magzter featured our cover on their homepage alongside many others and also advertised us on their social media page, which we very much appreciated. Thanks to Magzter, we hope our e-magazine will become a very successful brand in the near future. "

Alessandra Palange - Editor, NoSerialNumber Magazine - UK

"At T3 India, we have a mobile first approach, and in addition to the print magazine, we have an independent Android and iOS app for technology news from Day 1. In our endeavour to reach as many technology enthusiasts as possible, we are delighted to team up with Magzter, the leading e'zine player, to reach readers across technology platforms and devices."

Kunal Gangar - Executive Editor, T3 India.

“We chose to work with Magzter because it added another dimension to the online availability of our publication. Magzter's simplicity, user friendly format and versatility were few of the significant factors which made our decision to partner with Magzter, very easy. Our website is already by far the largest and most popular in our sector worldwide, and we feel that this new digital partnership will help us take our magazine circulation to a new level.”

Leigh Sparrow - Publisher, The Vertikal Press, UK

"Our partnership with Magzter will help us expand the reach of Trend Magazine to a wider online market. The opportunity to reach 26 million subscribers proved too good to pass up, and we have no doubts about the capability of Magzter’s services. While our main readership is from print, we are beginning to receive more feedback from digital subscribers showing that we are definitely heading in the right direction with Magzter. "

Ryan Swinney - Trend Magazine - UK

“Magzter’s global presence and wide subscribers base coupled with its cost effective digital offering to publishers has presented an outstanding partnership opportunity, which seems to be too good to miss out”

Jeewan Gnawali - Financial Controller, Mayne Media Group - Australia

“This partnership is a significant step in Cricket Media’s efforts to expand the reach of our high-quality digital media products internationally. Magzter’s tremendous global reach makes them an ideal partner in ensuring children worldwide have access to content that engages, enlightens and educates young minds.”

Katya Andresen - CEO, Cricket Media - USA

"Plaza Publishing Group is one of the leading publishers from Scandinavia, and our aim to be one of the leading publishers in the next age of printed publishing and their platforms. We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of many of our titles including Plaza Magazine, Plaza Watch, Plaza Deco among others. We are confident that Magtzer with its 27 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with that platform."

Christopher Östlund - Founder & Owner, Plaza Publishing Group - Sweden

“TIME, the world’s most respected weekly news magazine, is trusted by millions of readers for insightful authoritative reporting. Our journalists and photographers are on the front lines with one goal: To help readers understand their complex and ever-changing world. On every platform, TIME is essential, esteemed, everywhere. Magzter, as a global digital magazine newsstand with significant footprints in Asia Pacific, provides a platform for more readers to experience TIME Magazine Digital Edition. Our partnership with Magzter further strengthens our commitment to deliver TIME content anywhere and everywhere for our readers.”

Susie Pattison - Circulation Director, TIME & Fortune, Asia Pacific

“The Extrordinair group has become the first South African based media group in history to release international editions of its prestigious luxury brands in China, India, UAE, Europe, LATAM and USA. The group has chose to maintain full control of its international editions rather than license them out to other publishers, which will allow us to create global advertising campaigns for international luxury brands at unrivalled rates, with Magzter's potential audience of 27+ million.”

Hansen Naidoo - CEO & Group Creative Director, Extrordinair Group (Pty) Ltd. - South Africa

" We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of India Gazette London. We are confident that Magzter. with its 26 million subscribers will help us grow our audience. For India Gazette London, with its cutting edge design and quality content, Magzter is an ideal platform to reach out to global Indian interested in debate on India, placed against global shifts power, politics and aesthetics”

Shafi Rahman - Editor, India Gazette London

"Since their inception, comic books have always been magazines, but over the years they've been relegated to a niche market product. With Magzter's approach to creating a dynamic marketplace for magazines to thrive, Creative Impulse sees a strong opportunity to once again bring comics to the forefront of the magazine market. Engaging the mainstream reader is our mutual goal."

Jan Lucanus - President - Chief Executive Officer, Creative Impulse Entertainment

" Papercutz is delighted to be partnering with Magzter to grow the online distribution of NICKELODEON MAGAZINE. With it's user-friendly interface and 27 million person subscriber base, we believe that Magzter is ideally positioned to help us reach kids and grow readership for NICKELODEON MAGAZINE in North America and around the world. "

Sven Patrick Larsen - VP of Marketing, PAPERCUTZ (NICKELODEON MAGAZINE)

"With great pleasure, Lifestyle magazine has recently partnered with Magzter in growing the digital distribution of Ad Astra Lifestyle Magazine. We are happy to see a tremendous impact on the readership of Lifestyle magazine within a month of our partnership with Magzter. We are confident that Lifestyle readership will continue to exponentially increase, as Magzter will continue to provide digital solutions and value added services to help us to reach a global digital audience. We are continuously researching new ways to grow and enhance interaction with our readers and Magzter provides us this platform. The Magzter team is helpful with all publisher needs. This is yet another important reason for which we would not hesitate to recommend Magzter to other publications.”

Amélie Arras - Deputy Editor, Ad Astra (UK) Ltd​.

"We are delighted to be partnered with Magzter, a solid choice for online distribution. In concert with other tactics for marketing our international luxury lifestyle magazine, we sought a solution that could distribute across multiple devices and be managed efficiently. Magzter stood out as a key choice because they delivered a system that was hard to beat. The platform and technology is comprehensive and easy to use, ensuring that our magazine remains at reader’s fingertips plus greatly expands our global reach. We are confident that with the world's largest and fastest growing cross platform global digital magazine newsstand, Magzter, as our partner, with a potential audience of 27+ million, EAT LOVE SAVOR will continue to meet if not exceed its goals to further engage, connect and reach a world wide readership.

Angela Tunner - Founder, Editor in Chief and Publisher, EAT LOVE SAVOR Magazine - Canada

" It is a great pleasure that we can be a partner with Magzter. The development of publishing business with additional digital distribution channel is inevitable and necessary. While the eMagazines have the global appearance, I believe it will be mutual benefit for both parties to achieve a better result eventually.

Seow Swee Yeen - GM, Life Magazines (Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad)

"MY WEDDING MAGAZINE has gone fully digital, and we are very pleased to have partnered with Magzter in growing our online distribution. These are exciting times as we halt our traditional print and focus solely on our digital platforms. The demand from our readers is certainly there for a fully interactive digital magazine, and the response from our advertisers proves we’re on the right track. I am confident that Magzter’s 27 million subscribers will be key to growing our audience and enhancing our interactive footprint. With our printed magazines, we were limited to New Zealand distribution – our digital reach means more readers, more sales and more interaction."

Gayle Dickson - Editor-in-Chief, MY WEDDING Magazine, NZ

"Our primary objective is to offer our wonderful stories to maximum number of readers across the globe. Magzter perfectly aligned with our objective and provided a convenient and innovative solution to digitize our content. We look forward to increase our global readership with Magzter."

Vijay Sampath - CEO, ACK Media, India (Tinkle)

Vigoré! Paris magazine is showcasing haute couture fashion, art, and luxury brands from all over the world. And the decision to partner with Magzter was absolutely obvious to us! We want a distributor with a great reputation, and with the guarantee of long term collaboration. We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Vigoré! Paris magazine. We are confident that Magzter with its impressive 27 million subscribers and high quality presentation will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. A special thanks to the team, which is not only highly qualified but also kind and helpful!

Greg Alexander - Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Vigoré! Paris Magazine - France

Magzter has helped us expand our reach to not just Singapore audience, but also readers from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to share our content and hear from people of all walks of life. In fact, it was due to Magzter that attracted a reader from Kuala Lumpur to pick up our LiveWell Baby magazine and write in to us after that. With Magzter’s access to millions of subscribers, we hope this partnership will boost our already substantial readership and international audience engagement!

Lilian Wu - Editor, Ping Healthcare Pte Ltd - Singapore

We at team ‘Young Bhaskar’ are so pleased to partner with Magzter, in order to increase the online distribution and visibilty of our children magazine ‘Young Bhaskar’ to greater mass/readers. We hope that Magzter’s strong presence with 27 million subscribers, will smoothen the penetration of our product into the fast growing digital world. ‘Young Bhaskar’ definitely looks more colourful, attractive and worth reading digitally. I wish Magzter ‘All the best’ for our joint operation to work successfully.

Shehla Faaiz - Editor, Young Bhaskar

Ringier Trade Media Ltd. publishes over 24 different trade journals covering 18 major manufacturing sectors in China and SE Asia and reaching over 600,000 readers, including industry decision-makers, purchasing managers, sourcing managers and senior management. We continue to look for various digital platforms in order to reach more readers. Now Ringier together with Magzter, a well-established global e-magazine megastore, provide readers the latest industry information and technology from China and around the world. Thanks to the global presence Magzter offers, advertisers and their products can benefit from far greater distribution and exposure than print alone!

Michael Robert Hay - President, Ringier Trade Media Ltd. - China

We are possibly one of the few if not only Zimbabwean magazine publishers on Magzter. The Ambassador Magazine has been a strong advocate for print. Magzter has since shown us that there is life on the other side (Digital / Native). Magzter is possibly one of the biggest tools we'll use to place Zimbabwean publications on the World stage. The platform is seamless, user friendly full of digital opportunities and profitable. All our new Titles for 2016 will be launched on Magzter first. Thank you Scott Verchin for introducing me to Magzter and thanks to William for making the ride smooth. Magzter is the total package. "Mobile First + Content First + Audience First = Magzter. Hence we say, "Magzter First"!

Marvin Madyara - Editor-in-Chief, The Ambassador - Zimbabwe

Adria Media Ljubljana is a publishing house with a portfolio of the most important national and international magazine trademarks. We are one of the leading magazine publishers in Slovenia. We are constantly looking for ways to draw our audience to the benefits of digital platform and therefore we partnered with Magzter, because they provide simple and innovative ways to accomplish our goals. We feel that Magzter will enable us to continue to grow our audience both online and print.

Aleš Cipot - Director - Digital Media, Adria Media Ljubljana - Slovenia

It has always been our desire for our unique content to reach many readers globally without compromising on the production cost. Our collaboration with Magzter has provided us a perfect possibility to achieve this important goal. We now can save a lot on the printing, at the same time, we do not only have more online readers worldwide, we equally generate more income from these online subscribers. A very smart business approach, thus! With more than 28 million subscribers, coupled with its transparent business records and impeccable customers care service, Magzter is clearly and unapologetically our ideal choice. Little wonder why Magzter is indeed the world's leading digital newsstand. Who wouldn’t like to partner with such a noble digital giant?

Ogo Ubabukoh - Publisher, Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine - Netherlands

We are always looking for new distribution platforms for our premium content. By partnering with Magzter, we're extending the reach of our brands to one of the most diverse audiences in the digital magazine media space.

Scott McAllister - SVP of Digital Marketing + Revenue, Time Inc. - USA

ANIMO Magazine is a 14 year old glossy lifestyle magazine that is designed for, by, and about Lasallians. ANIMO Magazine is the first in Asian publication history to come up with a concept that celebrates everything La Salle featuring successful alumni in different fields and current La Salle student athletes. We have partnered with Magzter, a well-established global e-magazine megastore, to reach our fellow Lasallians residing in other countries. We hope to spread all things Lasallian.

Albert Virata delos Santos - Publisher, ANIMO Magazine - Philippines

Vanquish Magazine has quickly risen to being a leading international glamour & entertainment magazine. However even with our website, social media and promotions, we were still only scratching the surface on our full distribution potential. Thanks to Magzter, our magazine is now visible on all major digital platforms, including iPad, Android, Amazon, and more! What an amazing service! It has helped us greatly expand our readership, monetize our subscriptions, and become much more visible online. Magzter is a quality service that I would highly recommend it to any other magazine publishers, it is a powerful publishing tool.

Colin Charisma - Chief Editor, Vanquish Magazine - New Zealand

Unlike many traditional publications in Motorsports, our brand is seeking to cater to a global audience of motorsport enthusiasts via emerging digital mediums. With over 28 million members, MAGZTER is the ideal platform for our target distribution goals, especially in emerging markets- which are very important to us.

Joey Franco - Founder, GP Traveler - Canada

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in publishing our online edition of Cricket Life Magazine. Cricket Life is a unique magazine about all things cricket, with regular contributions from some of the world’s most outstanding past and present players. Our dealings with the team at Magzter have been excellent and it is exciting to know that Cricket Life Magazine is now available to a worldwide audience of many millions.

David Hulston - Publishing Editor, Cricket Life Magazine - Australia

We are thrilled to make Playboy available to Magzter’s large and diverse group of digital readers as we continue to grow the magazine’s audience.

Mike Violano - Senior Vice President, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. - USA

Blitz Publications is very pleased to partner with Magzter. With more than 28 million subscribers, we believe this is a great platform to further promote our 8 market-leading brands, such as Nourish Magazine, Women’s Health & Fitness, Iron Man among others, across a growing online distribution platform. When looking for opportunities to further our footprint in the Digital environment, Magzter was a great choice for us – we’re market leaders, they’re market leaders – it just makes sense.

Silvio Morelli - CEO, Blitz Publications - Australia

We are excited to partner with Magzter to grow the online distribution of both Oxygen Magazine Australia and Men’s Muscle & Health magazine. During the on boarding process, we have been impressed with the capabilities of the Magzter platform and the responsiveness of the team who have grown the audience to more than 29 million subscribers globally. We’re delighted to be partnering with Magzter moving forward to continue to deliver our world class fitness content to a global fitness avid audience.

Dan Richardson - CEO, Challenger Media Group - Australia

We recently switched to Magzter for our digital version of Airboating Magazine. Magzter's strong presence in the online/digital magazine distribution market will allow us to continue to grow our magazine offerings.

Laurie Hauke - Publisher, Airboating Magazine - USA

Trusted Media Brands is delighted to partner with Magzter. Joining Magzter’s growing list of media brands, with access to their large digital customer base, gives our unique brands an opportunity to build our readership and reach new audiences interested in engaging digitally with our trusted, empowering and uplifting content.

Chris Gaydos - Vice President, Magazine Marketing, Trusted Media Brands, Inc. - USA

We are very pleased to join Magzter and to expand the outreach of Forbes Brasil magazine. It is great to have the opportunity to share our title globally in such a fast and easy to use format.

Antonio Camarotti - CEO and Publisher, Forbes Brasil

At Burda Romania we are working on bridging the gap between our offline and online customers as we consider them to be part of the same big family. The partnership with Magzter is helping us distribute our premium print products to our digital customers from all over the world.

Daniel Secareanu - Chief Digital Officer, Burda International Romania

The Foundation for National Progress is pleased to work with Magzter to expand the reach of Mother Jones' magazine content to a global audience. We believe our independent nonprofit journalism and deep investigative stories are relevant to citizens everywhere.

Claudia Smukler - Production Director, Mother Jones - USA

When we were looking for a strategic partner for the online distribution of our portfolio of lifestyle, luxury and women’s titles, four things were at the forefront of our thinking: awareness, longevity, ease of use and future proofing. With a subscriber base of 29 million, a globally recognized, stable platform and a seamless system of delivery interaction, the first three criteria were ticked instantly and immediately taken for granted. But what really impresses is Magzter’s continual drive to ensure that our products are constantly promoted and marketed to customers in a highly progressive and, most importantly, dynamic manner. We are pleased to partner with Magzter and are confident of the exponential growth that our brands, customers and clients will enjoy. Magzter really understands the goals and needs of a media house in today’s market place, but most of all are quick to evangelize new platforms and developments in line with our desire to occupy those spaces.

Simon Clays - Publishing Director, Exposure Media Marketing - India

We needed a digital solution we could trust in order to expand the reach of Japan Beer Times and Sake Today magazines. This is where Magzter helped us. Working with them from the start has been seamless and highly efficient. The fact Magzter does their best to connect publishers with readers is an ideal we can vouch for and are certain will help create value to those who appreciate a fulfilling reading experience.

Ry Beville - CEO & Founder, Bright Wave Media – Japan

ROOM - The Space Journal, a truly international magazine specialising in astronautics and the exploration of space, is delighted to join with Magzter as part of our mission to share our high quality publication globally. ROOM is published quarterly by the Aerospace International Research Center (AIRC) and has contributions from world aerospace industry leaders, astronauts, engineers and scientists. Our mission is to encourage greater public understanding of the relationship between mankind and space. The deal with Magzter gives us the potential to reach thousands more readers across the world via digital subscriptions.

Clive Simpson - Managing Editor, ROOM - The Space Journal - Austria

The American Prospect is very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of our award-winning magazine. In an age where publishers are constantly having to adapt to new technologies and alternative content distribution models, Magzter provides an exciting option. We are confident that Magzter with its 30 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint.

Edward Connors - Director, Business Operations, The American Prospect - USA

The 'Usual Gang of Idiots' at MAD Magazine is very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of MAD. We are confident that Magzter, with its 30 million subscribers, will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. That's why we're pleased to partner with them. Why they are pleased to partner with us, we haven't the faintest idea. But the deal is signed and we called 'No Backsies' so they're stuck with us!

John Ficarra - Editor-in-Chief, MAD Magazine - USA

APL Media are delighted to partner with Magzter to bring National Geographic Traveller (UK) to their 30 million subscribers. With Magzter’s extremely popular platform and our award winning travel content, we’re confident that the partnership will be a success, increasing our digital readership and driving revenues for both companies.

Matthew Jackson - Publisher & Managing Director, APL Media – UK

Magzter has been an exceptional partner for us, we've managed to reach regions electronically which logistically wouldn't have been possible, especially in parts of Africa and not to mention the rest of the world. Men's Fitness South Africa, Maxim Nigeria and Maxim Middle East are the latest offerings from our stable and I am sure we will see the same growth in all territories with Magzter's backing.

Dirk Steenekamp - Managing Director, Untapped World Publishing - South Africa

We are looking forward to partnering with Magzter to increase the reach of our digital magazines. This allows Bauer New Zealand the opportunity to further respond to our audience’s demands for digital reading experiences, and to grow the accessibility of Bauer digital magazines internationally.

Brendon Hill - Publisher, Bauer New Zealand

Hubert Burda Media Russia that publishes more than 80 titles and is a leader in print distribution on the territory is glad to use Magzter as an additional channel for distribution of the digital copies of our magazines. It is essential for us that with Magzter we reach the wide international audience. We wish Magzter the further growth and success.

Olga Alexeenko - Head of Content Distribution, Hubert Burda Media Russia

We have been working with electronic versions for 4 years on Ukrainian market. Magzter has given us the opportunity to sell our Ukrainian versions of ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar magazines worldwide. For us it is a good challenge to understand the perception of Ukrainian versions of magazines on International markets and a good opportunity to reach Ukrainian audience that live abroad. We believe that Magzter could help us to widen our audience and increase our earnings from digital subscriptions.

Anna Tolstykh - Marketing and Business Development Director, Hearst Shkulev Ukraine

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter to expand the global reach of MIT Sloan Management Review. As we continue to grow our audience among management leaders by sharing exciting advances in management practice, particularly those shaped by technology, that are transforming how people lead and innovate, we look forward to Magzter’s introducing us to even more business execs looking to thrive in the new digital world of management.

Deborah Gallagher - Director of Marketing and Operations, MIT Sloan Management Review - USA

We are pleased to partner with Magzter. Their digital program will grow our online presence and distribution of our magazines. We are very confident that with its 30 million subscribers we will grow our audience and our interactive footprint. This larger audience is vital to our conservation and wildlife message.

Fred Ouimette - Publications Manager, Canadian Wildlife Federation

We are very happy to join Magzter. It is great to have the opportunity to share Hello! Magazine Georgia with Georgians around the world. Many thanks to Magzter's professional team!

Nanka Pavich Kikalia - Editor, Hello! Magazine Georgia

We are very much pleased to partner our magazines, SHAPE Philippines and Muscle & Fitness Philippines with Magzter! With their millions of subscribers, we will surely have a growth in audience and engagement among our readers. We are still in search of ways on how we could expand our magazines in a bigger scale and we believe that Magzter has all the tools to help us with that.

Raeven Roxas - Brand Manager, International Ventures For Media & Distribution - Philippines

We are quite pleased with the opportunity to promote all of our titles through such a dynamic company as Magzter. We have embraced the possibilities that the digital world has provided to publishing since our inception over a decade ago and feel that Magzter is the best possible partner out there to help us promote and sell the enhanced digital offerings of every single one of our magazines. It is exactly what we've been waiting for.

Joshua Rose - Editor, International Artist Publishing, Inc. - USA

Magzter helps us to expand our reach to not only the Swedish audience, but also readers from all over the world. With our five magazines in architecture, design and interiors, we are glad to have the possibility to reach Magzter's 30 million users. We are looking forward to a long partnership with this great and professional platform that Magzter is.

Jacop Merlini - CEO, It Is Media Svenska AB - Sweden

Pacific Magazines is excited to partner with Magzter to expand online distribution for our portfolio of leading brands. We're confident that Magzter, with its 30 million subscribers, will extend our reach and introduce our brands to new audiences.

Jeremy Sutton - Head of Direct Marketing, Pacific Magazines - Australia

Entrepreneur Magazine is the Ultimate “How to” business magazine targeted at business owners and key decision makers; we are the handbook for building companies. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Magzter in order to increase our digital footprint, their platform is seamless and we are eager to be introduced to their vast client base.

Dean Harty - Group Manager Marketing, Circulation & Communities, Entrepreneur Media South Africa

We are very excited to partner with Magzter, which is the biggest online distributor of magazines all over the world. Magzter is a unique and interactive digital platform that includes most popular magazines in the world and has high quality digital content. The whole world – in one Magzter!

Zhannur Yespolova - Sales and Marketing Director, Burda-Kazakhstan Publishing House

We're thrilled to launch the 22nd print edition of Vogue, the world’s most celebrated and authoritative fashion publication, which has been widely anticipated in the Arab world for many years. Working with Magzter enabled us to stay true to our 'digital first' strategy by providing a simple turnkey solution to launch the digital version of the print magazine on all platforms simultaneously.

Nick Gonzalez - COO, Nervora Inc. - United Arab Emirates

We are delighted to partner with Magzter to expand the digital presence of Reader’s Digest UK. We sought a distributor that was simple to use, and possessed genuine reach. With its friendly platform, helpful staff, and 30+ million subscribers, we are certain that Magzter will provide us with a strong online readership.

Gavin Suen - General Manager, Reader’s Digest UK

Our collaboration with Magzter over the years has helped us reach our readers beyond our borders, which otherwise would have been very difficult. We firmly believe that our recently launched magazine, Yoga Journal Spain, will also be very successful on Magzter like our other magazines. We are sure that this collaboration will continue for many years to come.

Aitor Urraca - Director, Televisión y Audiovideo Editorial Multimedia SL - Spain

We are pleased to extend our distribution partnership with Magzter to include the digital edition of Weight Watchers magazine Australia. Leveraging Magzter’s global audience will help deliver our great content to a wider audience.

Kit Wilson - Group Subscription Marketing Manager, Bauer Media – Australia

We are pleased to join Magzter with our magazines to expand our digital presence and our audience worldwide.

Cristina Della Ragione - Director of Marketing Operations, Hearst Magazines Italia S.p.A.

Within the last year, Forbes Romania has become the best-selling business publication in Romania. But we are always looking for ways to improve our presence. So, we hope that our new readers will enjoy reading our projects and articles on Magzter.

Ionuț Bonoiu - Editor-in-Chief, Forbes România

As an independent publisher focussing on a small but high quality and high earning niche, the way we represent ourselves digitally is paramount. When it comes to food and wine our imagery must be of the highest quality and we completely trust the way that Magzter reproduces our content and represents us globally. We look forward to deepening the partnership with Magzter and its audience.

Paul Diamond - Publisher, ‎Selector - Australia

Magzter has been wonderful to work with. Moving in a fast economy, we as publishers sometime find ourselves stuck between getting magazines out on time and keeping the longevity of our print mediums. Magzter facilitates that gap with little hassle, promptly filling our needs. We are certainly looking forward to a continued partnership.

Pam Thien - Chief Digital Officer, Mass Connect Ltd. – Thailand

We're proud to place a timeless magazine like Selecciones Reader's Digest at this huge online magazine newsstand as Magzter. We hope that our most-read publication will excite millions of Magzter's readers as it has been doing since it was started as a paper in Spain in the 50s. We're happy to get into the digital world with this easy-to-use platform.

Natalia Alonso - Editor-in-Chief, Selecciones Reader's Digest, Global Family Editions, S. A.

Magzter's international reach makes it an ideal digital newsstand for Dance International. We're confident that among its 35+ million subscribers are many lovers of dance to whom we are eager to be introduced. Plus, we love the way our pages look on the electronic screen.

Kaija Pepper - Editor, Dance International Magazine - Canada

We are very excited to introduce Forbes Israel Magazine in a new platform. Thanks to this new collaboration with Magzter, Hebrew readers all around the world can now easily get our magazine in a digital version, for the first time.

Dror Shaier - Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Israel

St. Louis Magazine – published by SLM Media Group has built a desirable audience within the St. Louis metropolitan area. Working with Magzter, we plan to expand that reach with useful, current information that helps our readers make the most out of living/visiting St. Louis. Due to the high rate of success St. Louis Magazine has seen since its partnership with Magzter, SLM Media Group has added their shelter and family publications to Magazter’s digital platform.

Dede Dierkes - Circulation Manager, SLM Media Group - USA

Condè Nast Independent Magazines is excited to partner with Magzter in growing the digital distribution of our publications. Magzter is one of the fastest growing digital platforms and we are confident that the association will help us grow our audience.

Bertina Ellis - Subscriptions Sales Manager, Condè Nast Independent Magazines - South Africa

RPM Magazine is pleased to be able to partner with Magzter to grow our online distribution. With it’s 24 million subscribers, we feel that Magzter will enable us to continue to grow our audience both online and in print. RPM Magazine is continually seeking new ways to reach out to our worldwide readership looking for digital content or a new publication that meets their needs.

Trish Biro - VP Marketing, RPM Magazine

Dolce Media Group is so pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of our luxury lifestyle and fashion publication, Dolce Magazine. We are confident that Magzter, with its impressive 24 million subscribers, will enable us to grow our audience and make a lasting impression on the digital world. We’re always seeking new methods to engage a global audience with an interest in digital content, and Magzter provides us with such a platform.

Michelle Zerillo-Sosa - Publisher, Dolce Media Group

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Adore Chroma magazine. With 24 million subscribers we are confident that Magzter will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We are pleased that Magzter has provided a platform in which we can connect with a global audience seeking digital content.

Chris Kovacs - Editor & Publisher, Adore Noir Publishing

As a publisher of niche craft and art titles in Australia , Woodlands Publishing , sees the opportunity of expanding is reach globally by making available all of its magazines on a digital platform . Magzter , with its 24 million subscribers worldwide and its dedication to supporting magazine publishers is a very important partner in Woodlands Publishing expansion to a global audience . The age of the digital magazine is here and by working with Magzter , Woodlands Publishing , will be at the forefront of this ever-changing marketplace.

Simon Mullen - Publisher, Woodlands Publishing

Magzter offers a range of digital newsstand solutions which will further position Miami Living Magazine as the leader entertainment magazine for Miami, South Florida and beyond. Our content will now be available on Apple iOS, Android (Google Play), Windows 8, the web, Amazon App Store and Kindle Fire . We look forward to a solid partnership with Magzter for many years to come.

Markin Abras - President, Miami Living Magazine

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Craft Beer & Brewing magazine. We are confident that Magtzer with its 23 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with a convenient medium.

Haydn Strauss - Director of Digital Media, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

Le Media looks at all possible options for its digital strategic approach. As a very early player in this trend in Vietnam, we believe in interactive integrated solutions that can provide an ecosystem that helps to catch up with all different styles of reading. Magzter is a well-established global digital newsstand, which gives us a very good chance to reach to the new large markets we don’t want to miss out. The partnership with Magzter promises to give us an opportunity to leverage our commitment to spearhead in this digital magazine industry.

Le Quoc Vinh - Chairman & CEO, Le Invest (Holdings) Corp.

Paranormal Galaxy Magazine is the place where the real and unknown meet. Our goal is to reach as many potential subscribers and readers as we can, and Magzter has given us the tools to distribute our monthly magazine with ease. Their online publishing platform and digitial distribution network is just what we were looking for to get Paranormal Galaxy to the next level. Thank you Magzter!

Sherrie Wilkolaski - Editor-in-Chief.

Maxim, No.1 men's magazine in the world and in South Korea. Everything men love is inside Maxim. Amazing stories, gorgeous ladies photos, interesting features and interviews, booze, motors, gears, game and all types of fun! Now, you can meet Maxim Korea monthly Edition in Magzter! Magzter helps us to increase our business revenues and each more of our global readers. Join Maxim world and see why Maxim is the most beloved magazine in the world.

YoungBee Lee - Editor-In-Chief, Maxim Korea.

With the digital content audience growing, we are pleased to be working with Magzter to help push forward with our digital strategy. With a solid infrastructure and a user base of over 22 million subscribers, Magzter gave us the tools we need to push forward into the digital age of magazines!

Melanie Emile - PR and Promotions, CG Magazine.

We have had a wonderful association with Magzter since inception. In fact I am glad that MW and Rolling Stone India were among the earliest magazines to be part of this digital bookstore. For us it is the best way to get across to a global audience. Magzter’s 22 million subscribers is a testimony to the success of this concept.

Radhakrishnan Nair - Publisher & Editor, Mans World Magazine and Rolling Stone India.

With the pace and transition of the world moving towards digital, publishing is no longer limited to the physical versions or hard copies. It is great that Magzter has taken the lead in recognising and identifying such an opportunity. The opportunity of crossing geographic boundaries and making our portfolio of publications available to domestic and international customers on the digital platform makes Magzter an ideal partner for us.Our objective with this alliance is to add a newer customer base and audience to our titles. With a platform of approximately 22 million subscribers, it presents an exciting opportunity to build increased brand presence and reach in the digital age

Bhavya Desai - Director/Group Head, Sap Media Worldwide Limited.

EFY Group is excited to partner with Magzter and reach out to those readers who prefer a mobile device as a platform to read our publications. Our partnership with Magzter has allowed us to shift from being a 'print' organisation to a 'publications' organisation. We have received a good boost to our readership of Electronics For You and Open Source For You magazines thanks to the vast base of Magzter users

Ramesh Chopra - Editor & Founder, Electronics For You.

Today there's a thirst for spiritual teachings, and Sufi Comics uses the medium of comics to make spiritual teachings easier to understand. We're are glad to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Sufi Comics. We are confident that Magtzer with its 20 million subscribers will help us reach a wider audience.

Mohammed Ali Vakil - Co-founder & Director, Sufi Studios.

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of The Virginia Sportsman magazine. We are confident that Magtzer with its 22 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek new methods to engage with a global audience who is looking for digital content and Magzter provides us with that platform.

Hay Hardy - The Virginia Sportsman.

We have been associated with Magzter right from inception, and its been a great partnership so far. It is extremely critical for every publisher to be available on major digital platforms - and Magzter has made it easy to do so. Chitralekha is one of the largest selling magazine in India, and Magzter has helped us carry forward the legacy digitally as well.

Manan - Partner and Digital Head of Chitralekha

I have had the pleasure of working with Magzter as a client from the time they launched their operations. I have seen them grow from strength to strength, and changing established rules of the ezine industry. The two disruptive Initiative - First it was doing white labelled apps for publisher at zero cost & get them online almost overnight when Apple Newsstand was launched, and doing this when other newsstands believed it was impossible. And now ramping ezine subscriber numbers globally using deep discount pricing model, attempting to use the US ad funded model of running magazines (with deep discount print subscription pricing & rate base advertising model) for running ezine business. Should they succeed, it will provide publishers who have been struggling so far to build ezine numbers v/s their print numbers, to build a viable and sustainable ezine model.

Girish Mallya - Editor & Publisher, Next Gen Publishing Ltd.

World Gaming magazine (WGM) has long recognized the importance of having our product available to as wide an audience as possible. With the gaming market continuing to grow not just in Macau but right across Asia and the rest of the world, the more people we can reach the better. This is why we are not only Macau’s biggest print-run magazine with 50,000 copies printed each issue but also publish every single article that appears in our magazine – as well as a whole lot of unique content every day – on our website at www.wgm8.com. And it is also why we believe Magzter to be such a valuable tool for us to use. Magzter opens up a whole new world of online opportunities for WGM and allows us to take our product to markets that had previously either been out of our reach or problematic to effectively get to. We hope our new partnership is the start of exciting times ahead as we continue to expand.

Ben Blaschke - Managing Editor, World Gaming Magazine.

As the biggest trade magazine group in Turkey with 22 magazines in different sectors we are very happy to be on-board Magzter. When we chose Magzter at the first hand among the alternatives, we had intended to have a solution partner with experience, skill, technology and wide user portfolio. From the time passed since our partnership, we have seen that our choice was perfect and we are proud of this cooperation. The Magzter system helped us to sell our magazines to different people at a very wide geography. We hope that Magzter continues its development further, we improve our magazines further and the synergy generates a more lucrative collaboration.

Emre Yener - Istmag Magazine Group.

Magzter made it easy to get our magazine available through all possible media formats to over 22 million subscribers. After spending a large amount of time researching all the possibilities it became clear that Magzter's turn key solution was the right way to go for our publication.

Tom Leogrande - Managing Editor, Bass Quest Magazine.

We are very excited about teaming up with Magzter to grow our online presence. We’re confident that Magzter, with its 22 million subscribers will help us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We’re always looking for new methods to engage with a global audience who’s looking for high-quality content and Magzter provides us with that platform. We want to see them grow, and vice versa. They’re doing amazing things with their company and we’re happy to be a part of it.

Jon Jones - Editor-in-Chief, The Peach Review®.

The ANNA Magazine brand is in a stage of incredible growth and we were looking for an online partner, who could efficiently assist us in the launch of a digital platform. When Magzter approached us a few months ago, their magazine portfolio along with their 22 million online subscribers, convinced us to partner with them. The entire process was seamless and simple. We are looking forward to growing and engaging with a global audience.

Mari Loewen - Founder and CEO, Anna Magazine.

After looking at all the other options, we chose Magzter for three reasons. One, because of its current roster of publishers (and publications) on the site. Two, because of thier truly international reach and desire to help us promote Mountain Life. And three, because there are no upront fees. That was the clincher for us. We look forward to a solid partnership with Magzter for many years to come.

Todd Lawson - Mountain Life Media.

We are excited to be partnering with Magzter for the distribution of our e-books. As content creators, we are moving from print to digital platforms for all our books and magazines. We find Magzter to be an ideal platform for our readers to consume our kind of content - it is rich in graphics and imagery and renders well on Magzter. With their over 20 million subscribers, we also get an unmatched market footprint at the outset itself.

Our content is designed for global appeal, and we look forward to working with Magzter to expand our reach through up-to-date technologies and marketing programs for a mutual win-win. Even as we strive to provide readers the best pf content that talent can create.

Ajay Jain - TCP Media Group.

Editora Europa is proud to announce a partner with Magzter, the leading digital magazine app publisher in the world. All the 17 magazines published by Editora Europa will be available through Magzter platform. With more than 20 millions subscribers around the world, we have no doubts this partner with Magzter will help us to conquer new readers around the globe. Magzter has one of the best solutions in the market for the magazine publishers. Beyond that, the Magzter apps are intuitive. The readers can enjoy our contents in any device with a great performance.

Marco Clivati - Editora Europa.

We at Dot Com Infoway are absolutely contended to merge with Magzter for the online distribution of our Apps World magazine. We are self- assured that Magzter would create that huge expected impression in the hearts and minds of it's 22 million benefactors that they have continued to impress over the years hands down. We forge ahead pursuing new approaches to retain and bring on board an unlimited global audience who seek digital content, thankfully Magzter provides us with that podium.

Stephen Andrews - Dot Com Infoway.

DC Thomson are very happy to be using Magzter to distribute our magazines digitally to a global audience and look forward to a productive partnership

Ian Cowley - Head of Digital DC Thomson.

We are very pleased to partner with Magzter in growing the online distribution of Watch! magazine

This marks the next step in the digital evolution of our brand, and Magtzer is helping us grow our audience and our interactive footprint. We continue to seek out new ways to gain readership and brand awareness for Watch! magazine, and having Magtzer as our digital newsstand is a key part of that strategy

Michael Rizzi - Vice President and Publisher - Watch!.

Magzter has done a great job of building apps for our clients and delivering digital sales

Will Beedles - Trinity Mirror Sport Media.

Maxim is dramatically expanding our content offerings to reach our guys where they are and where we anticipate they will be" says Bill Shaw, SVP Digital. "We are thrilled to be offered on the Magzter platform as we are certain that our audience will be there looking to access our unique content.

Bill Shaw - SVP Digital of Maxim USA.

It's very important for publishers and content creators to be able to give exposure to their content through multiple platforms. Magzter offers the necessary bridge for the traditional and digital world. We are happy to work with them and see a lot of value in the partnership.

Ramesh Somani - Publisher & Chief Editor – Exhibit Magazine.

I recently logged in to my publisher account in Magzter and I saw that there have been some major changes there. It looks like we will be having much more control and information about our sales and we are very happy about that.

On a side note, I saw that our new issue is already available in the Newsstand app less than 24 hours after we uploaded it. We are really impressed with the speed in the process and we are getting very excited about the possibilities that our app will offer us in the future.

Alberto Molero - Creative Director and co-founder of WildJunket Magazine.

As a multi-media artist / writer / business owner with an international fan base, I have to evolve as fast as technology changes. So I constantly ask myself: 'How are people viewing media, and what type of devices are popular in which countries? How can I make sure that people who love my work actually get to see it?' Magzter has finally given me a platform to showcase my work on multiple digital devices.

Andrea Grant - Minx CopiousAmounts.com.

It has been fast and efficient dealing with Magzter. We are happy to make our content available on all platforms.

Tarladalal Team
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