NewsChina - December 2013

Publisher: NewsChina Magazine
Category: News, Politics
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The cover story "Nighbor Li" features Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's attendance to the East Asian Forum and China-ASEAN Summit held in Brunei, and his later visit to Vietnam and Thailand.With recent high-profile to the ASEAN countries and its latest “charm offensive,” China has opted for a more nuanced form of strategic economic diplomacy to woo the rest of Asia. Special Report: "Shanghai Free Trade Zone: Fourth Time's the Charm"- As China approaches its so-called “fourth openness surge,” care must be taken to ensure efforts are genuine. Politics: "Pathologically Politicized"- Practitioners at all levels concur that “messy” is the word that best defines Chinese forensic medicine. But why? Economy: "Forever Blowing Bubbles"- Will the potential collapse of housing markets in second- and third-tier cities affect the white-hot markets in China’s biggest urban centers? History: "The Summer Capital"- Beidaihe, often called “China’s Camp David,” becomes the center of political gravity every summer, as the country’s leaders descend on the small seaside resort to hash out major decisions. Society: "Something's Gotta Give"- Despite their free-falling credibility, scandal-hit Chinese charities, especially those with connections to the government, are still trying to find willing donors.

NewsChina (ISSN1943-1902) is an English language monthly magazine published by China Newsweek Corporation in New York since 2008. NewsChina is the most widely read China current affairs magazine in the world. Its goal is to provide timely direct insights into today's modern China. Copies are available for sale in bookstores, airports, train terminals, libraries, and newsstands internationally, as well as via the internet.

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