NewsChina - November 2013

Publisher: NewsChina Magazine
Category: News, Politics
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The Cover story "Game Over" features the public trial of Bo Xilai, a former Politburo member, in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment for embezzlement, bribery and abuse of power. The results send mixed messages about the future of justice in China. Economy: "Black Lists, Red Tapes"-Does overcapacity get a bad rap in China? Are the government's continuous crackdowns on this opaque issue actually a symptom of the broader dichotomy of private versus public commerce? Environment: "River of Constant Sorrow"-Having suffered chronic flooding and high silt levels for decades, the increasingly calm Yellow River now faces new, manmade problems. History: "The Show Must Go On"-The lavish treatment and military honors afforded to China's "art soldiers," the song-and-dance wing of the military, are coming under attack from a skeptical public. Society: "Forgotten Heroes"-The Chinese government no longer denies social security to Nationalist army veterans who fought alongside the Chinese Communists in World War II. For many, recognition has come too late. Editorial: "Rule the Web through rule of law"-Without a precise definition, law enforcement authorities are effectively free to interpret what "rumor" means.

NewsChina (ISSN1943-1902) is an English language monthly magazine published by China Newsweek Corporation in New York since 2008. NewsChina is the most widely read China current affairs magazine in the world. Its goal is to provide timely direct insights into today's modern China. Copies are available for sale in bookstores, airports, train terminals, libraries, and newsstands internationally, as well as via the internet.

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