NewsChina - May 2013

Publisher: NewsChina Magazine
Category: News, Politics
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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2013 May issue of NewsChina magazine's cover story - Worlds Apart, reported on how a single government policy has resulted in the rejuvenation of some of China's most vulnerable communities as it drives others to the brink of extinction. Land of Hope: Wildlife populations have exploded after years of decline on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Many have attributed the success of conservation efforts to the role of local minority communities in the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve project. Disinformation, Displacement, Destruction: Ten years ago, the Evenki, China's last tribe of hunter-gathering reindeer herdsmen, were moved off the land they have inhabited for centuries in the name of environmental protection. Today NewsChina tries to find out what has happened to the remnants of this unique and tiny ethnic group. Low Spirits: How did China's premium liquor barons become so influential, and will new government anti-extravagance initiatives be enough to break their stranglehold on what used to be a captive market? No Way Back: The offshore yuan market has become the fast-track for making the Chinese currency truly global. However, the further it travels, the more the yuan's success depends on overdue reform at home. But fanfare in China over the deal has been muted, while Hong Kong still remains the venue of choice for yuan-backed financial transactions. Is Beijing still keeping its options open? And will the Chinese yuan ever truly go global?

NewsChina (ISSN1943-1902) is an English language monthly magazine published by China Newsweek Corporation in New York since 2008. NewsChina is the most widely read China current affairs magazine in the world. Its goal is to provide timely direct insights into today's modern China. Copies are available for sale in bookstores, airports, train terminals, libraries, and newsstands internationally, as well as via the internet.

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