NewsChina - February 2013

Publisher: NewsChina Magazine
Category: News, Politics
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The cover story: "Rousing Overtures" By reaching out to Southeast and East Asia, particularly countries friendly to China, the US is proving itself determined to remain the world’s only superpower. Special Report: "China 2012" The Year of the Dragon has been one of change and challenge. The Communist Party skillfully navigated the tricky waters of a once-in-a-decade leadership transition while the downfall of Bo Xilai and his allies reminded the public that corruption continues to plague the highest levels of power. Society: "Front-line Faculty" According to some, while China has millions of graduates, it has a dearth of creative, critical minds. A few of the country’s academics are trying to solve this problem by overhauling the country’s approach to higher education, with mixed results. Economy: "Come Out Swinging" Chinese exporters are learning to use international trade rules to defend their market power. Culture: "An Alternative Revival" On their mission to promote independent artistic culture across Greater China, the Renaissance Foundation has enlisted an all-star team of Chinese alternative cultural figures. Can they bring the underground back to life?

NewsChina (ISSN1943-1902) is an English language monthly magazine published by China Newsweek Corporation in New York since 2008. NewsChina is the most widely read China current affairs magazine in the world. Its goal is to provide timely direct insights into today's modern China. Copies are available for sale in bookstores, airports, train terminals, libraries, and newsstands internationally, as well as via the internet.

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