The Singapore Marketer - October - December 2018

Publisher: Marketing Institute of Singapore
Category: Business, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

Artificial Intelligence is all around us and we use it consciously or subconsciously, a few hundred times a day. Needless to say, AI is fast changing the marketing industry and shaping how businesses reach out to consumers. Marketers today will need to manage the changes brought about by AI applications. How can marketers integrate AI in decision making? And how does one navigate the jungle of hundreds of vendors and sites pushing AI-powered solutions to business challenges? In this issue, we explore the current state of AI in the industry. For this issue of Industry Chat, we interview practitioners on how AI and data has impacted their marketing strategy and operations. We speak to PR director from e-tailing giant Zalora to get his perspective on how the company leverages AI in decision making. We also get some tips from comScore’s Joe Nguyen on how to look at big data. Enjoy reading!

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