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The mission of Cambio16 and Grupo EIG Multimedia S.L., is to inform and train, educate and develop a reliable and truthful source of information at the service of society and in defense of freedoms and democracy. We are a leading media and global reference, founded in 1971, dean head of current magazines in Spain and the largest international projection in Spanish. During these 48 years we have accompanied Spanish society and the international community in the coverage of the most important events that have marked contemporary history. Since its first edition, each issue has been aimed at developing essential issues of national and international interest to offer public opinion content committed to democratic values, respect and the application of the rule of law, justice, defense of rights humans and environmental conservation, among other fundamental principles and rights that define our editorial line. Independent Journalism Since the beginning of journalism, and especially in the written press, one of the fundamental principles has been to assume the role of messenger, news counter and truthful stories to contribute to the formation of a free and independent public opinion; the job of "telling people what happens to people" (Eugenio Scalfari, founder of La Repubblica) Informational Proposal Fully renewed in its contents and editorial design since 2014, Cambio16 includes a globalized digital newspaper, a print publication, colloquiums, journalistic debates and events. It offers current news and analysis of the international, economic, energetic, technological, cultural and sports events, in addition to having the opinion of journalistic firms and following the trends that govern the style of modern life. Cambio16 currently consolidates its modernization process as a means of independent, truthful and objective communication, edited by Grupo EIG Multimedia S.L., a company established under Spanish law.