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Salon International reflects the interest of urban Indians in beauty and service offerings, and opens a window into the world of personal grooming as a business. Read globally by salon and spa owners, hair and make-up artists, professional brands, aestheticians and academicians, and more, in the field of beauty and wellness, the magazine brings with it 360° know-how of the glo-cal industry. It has top notch content that covers the spectrum with topics on trends, salon management, interviews of experts, market reports, insights and case studies, merchandising strategies, and more. A comprehensive, youthful and dynamic magazine, Salon International offers its readers quality updates on trends and techniques and cutting edge scoops in the trade. It addresses a sector that is growing steadily (at nearly 40 percent per year in India) with academies growing at 20 percent; national and local distributors and importers rapidly adding brands to their portfolios as bigger players continue to open subsidiaries and existing manufacturers step up production in proportion to the increasing needs of the end consumer. A collector's item, Salon International is a must for new entrepreneurs and established players, both.