Men's Health - November 2019

Publisher: Hearst magazines
Category: Health, Men's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : 10 Issues/Year

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THE AMAZING MR. BROWN The star of This Is Us and Waves, Sterling K. Brown plans to live to 100, and that’s not even his most impressive quality. BY ANDREW LAWRENCE STRONG, CALM, AND (A LITTLE) CRAZY Today’s soldiers are burned-out, overtrained, and hurt. But in the Mojave Desert, an exercise company founded by guys in Special Ops is setting out to fix soldiers before and after they serve. The first drill: Breathe in. BY MICHAEL EASTER HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND KEEP THEM A new road map to making, connecting with, and keeping friends as an adult, featuring: bro hugs, double dates, group chats, Fortnite, and lessons from two TV (and real-life!) best buds.

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