Autism File - April/May 2017

Publisher: Autism File Magazine LLC
Category: Health, Parenting
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

Welcome to our April/May issue! As anyone who’s been following the vaccine/autism debate knows, the discussion is growing even more contentious as Pharma-backed efforts to mandate vaccines are increasingly evident in state legislatures from coast to coast. The passage of SB277 in California was a major coup for drug companies as it removed all childhood vaccine exemptions except medical—and those are extremely difficult to obtain. Pharma lobbyists have now set their sights on Texas where the state legislature is considering 13 bills designed to make it more and more difficult for parents to maintain control over which vaccines their children receive and when. Writer Leslie Phillips does an incredible job in explaining how the government and drug companies are managing to exert increasing control over crucial medical choices for children. We also have an update on the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr./Robert De Niro press conference in February and the media backlash that ensured, plus insights on housing for adults on the autism spectrum, practical ways to build self-esteem and much more!

Since 1999, the Autism File has been one of the most widely known and respected media sources of information and support for families affected by autism. Readers recognize the magazine as the “go to” resource for navigating the often frustrating and confusing world of autism spectrum disorders. The Autism File has often been called a “lifeline” for those in desperate need of resources and support, with content providing parents, siblings, educators, therapists, and caregivers with much needed information in supporting an individual diagnosed with autism. Each Autism File covers a diverse range of topics relevant to autism including: Everyday Help Therapists and caregivers offer guidance on everything from sensory integration to handling meltdowns and developing social skills, and provide strategies to help parents deal with autism’s challenges in their day-to-day lives. Nutrition Front Noted nutritionists and registered dietitians present the latest information on beneficial diets for those on the autism spectrum, and provide guidance on implementation, recipes, and products. Education, Therapy, Behavior and Life Skills Educators and caregivers help readers navigate programs and strategies to foster living skills, enhance education, and maximize the overall potential for individuals with autism. Life Stories: Living with Autism Parents and caregivers reflect on their experiences with raising loved ones on the spectrum, providing unique insights and perspectives to readers. Biomedical Treatments and Interventions Professionals provide the latest developments in treatments including supplements, dietary interventions, alternative treatments, eliminating toxins from the diet and the home, and promising new autism therapies. Research Roundup We summarize the latest research for our readers in the most promising areas of autism therapies and treatments so they can make informed decisions in caring for their loved ones on the spectrum. Product Picks Our staff regularly highlights new products, foods, and books relevant to autism. The Autism File has become an unparalleled resource designed to help an international community of mothers, fathers, relatives and professionals living and working with individuals on the autism spectrum. We aim to support, educate—and most importantly—work towards a better life for those with autism.

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