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Ace Attorney Image Credit: PC Gamer US Edition
Ace Attorney Image Credit: PC Gamer US Edition

Why I Love Miles Edgeworth In Ace Attorney

Everyone’s favourite grump.

Malindy Hetfeld

Not a whole lot of game franchises offer character development that bridges several installments. It’s easy to see why— you don’t want to make it too hard for people joining a franchise late to get up to speed with what happened to its heroes. Sometimes, however, you get a chance to start at the beginning, especially now, thanks to all these re-releases.

That’s how I met Miles Edgeworth. Miles is Ace Attorney’s not-so-secret star because his relationship with protagonist Phoenix Wright supplies much of the game’s narrative backbone. Due to it giving you different cases to solve, I expected Ace Attorney to be a collection of comedic, but ultimately unrelated one-shots. But Miles quickly establishes himself as your ongoing antagonist, and he makes a great anime foil—a fop with the most dramatic fashion sense, a permanent scowl and no time for nonsense.

His alarming reputation succeeds him. Miles, they whisper in the hallways, doesn’t care about justice, he only cares about upholding his conviction record. What a revelation then, an unexpected delight, that this grumpy fellow cares about justice very much indeed. Behind his stoic shell hides one of the most dramatic backstories I’ve had the pleasure of discovering in a long time.


Miles Edgeworth’s story is so good to me because it takes the bully who might have become a villain and offers him red

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