NF Magazine - Made by the Nintendo Force! - Issue #33: Some Assembly Required – May/June 2018

Publisher: NF Publishing LLC
Category: Entertainment, Puzzle & Gaming
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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In this edition of NF Magazine, we’re celebrating the launch of Nintendo’s latest, wildest product line. Nintendo Labo is the most off-the-wall idea the Big N has brought to market since the Switch itself! (Yes, I know it’s only been a little over a year since then, but still!) The same pure creativity and fun that led them to fuse home console and portable gaming together into a single device has now driven them even further into territory never explored before by any other company in gaming, leading to further fusions of the Switch base unit and Joy-Con controllers with a cavalcade of cardboard creations. We’ve prepared a full Nintendo Labo Launch Guide for your perusal, highlighting each unique build-it-yourself Toy-Con project Nintendo has sent to store shelves to kickstart this new line of products. We also look ahead at a few future Toy- Cons seemingly lurking just over the horizon, then do our best to contextualize the Labo launch in the light of Nintendo’s entire history with an article that looks back on some of the toys they created in the decades before video games came into the world, and then another piece that presents some of the most “disposable” peripherals we’ve seen through their video game years as well. All that and our exclusive reveal of Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Switch from Limited Run Games, a company that isn’t exactly building things with cardboard, but is nonetheless making gaming more physical every day! Night Trap finally coming to a Nintendo system is historic, to say the least, so read all about it!

Nintendo Power got unplugged. It was the original source of news, previews and reviews of the Nintendo video game scene, published continuously since the '80s until being unceremoniously shut down in December 2012 – but its legacy didn't die. A new team of writers, artists and designers took up its torch. Calling ourselves "The Nintendo Force," we've ushered in a new era of Nintendo coverage in magazine form, paying homage to Power's past while moving forward to embrace the future. So join us! Join the Force of Nintendo fans. NP is no more, but NF is its next chapter!

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