NF Magazine - Made by the Nintendo Force! - Issue #31: Carnage vs. Cuteness, Side M – January/February 2018

Publisher: NF Publishing LLC
Category: Entertainment, Puzzle & Gaming
Language: English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly

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We've split an issue in half once again! To illustrate the psychological battle being waged within the walls of Nintendo as they welcome a new wave of "M for Mature" titles on the Switch while still holding on to their decades-old family-friendly image of publishing "E for Everyone" games, this issue of NF Magazine is split into Side E (with Kirby Battle Royale on the cover) and Side M (with Wolfenstein II). Make sure you download both to read the complete issue!

Nintendo Power got unplugged. It was the original source of news, previews and reviews of the Nintendo video game scene, published continuously since the '80s until being unceremoniously shut down in December 2012 – but its legacy didn't die. A new team of writers, artists and designers took up its torch. Calling ourselves "The Nintendo Force," we've ushered in a new era of Nintendo coverage in magazine form, paying homage to Power's past while moving forward to embrace the future. So join us! Join the Force of Nintendo fans. NP is no more, but NF is its next chapter!

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