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Who on earth was Horemheb? Turning the spotlight on a forgotten pharaoh who helped re-establish order after a turbulent period in Egyptian history. Charlotte Booth Warriors of the Plains On the lonesome trail of the 19th-century artist George Catlin who not only painted wonderfully colourful portraits of Native Americans but actually respected them and their way of life. Bruce Watson Uruk: the world’s first megacity First excavated a century ago, the 5,000-year-old city of Gilgamesh is the subject of a fascinating exhibition in Berlin. Dirk Wicke Root and branch From the Garden of Eden onwards, trees – mythical, metaphorical and real – have witnessed the whole history of mankind. Lindsay Fulcher Consulting the oracle Delphi was not the only place the ancient Greeks visited when they wanted to discover what the future held. Richard Stoneman Love actually The popular motif of Sleeping Eros is the subject of a charming exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Seán Hemingway The healing saints of Santa Maria Antiqua Beautiful wall-paintings in a 6th-century church in the Roman Forum have been restored and can soon be seen by the public. Dalu Jones A monumental decade Which world-famous sites has Global Heritage Fund helped preserve during the last 10 years? Lindsay Fulcher A lesson from the past Evidence from the little-visited site of Umm ar-Rasas in Jordan shows that people of different faiths once coexisted peacefully. Stefan Smith Going head to head with race What was Flinders Petrie trying to prove when he made casts of how foreigners living in Ancient Egypt were depicted? Debbie Challis

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