Prehistoric Times - Spring 2019

Publisher: Prehistoric Times
Category: Science
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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It's hot so that means it's time for the new Summer issue of Prehistoric Times, #122 with a cool front cover with beautiful John Gurche artwork on the front and more on the inside with the story of his life as a paleoartist in his own words. We also present a nice article on artist Zdenek Burian's prehistoric amphibian paintings. We feature the duck-billed dinosaur Edmontosaurus and the huge Kronosaurus of the sea. You will love a highly illustrated article on one of the first dinosaur film makers. We feature part 2 of a huge collection of Aurora Prehistoric Scenes kits plus there is much more with our usual reviews, paleonews and regular columns. A great read at poolside.

The Spring issue #129 is here. Phil Hore covers the anniversary of the discovery of our featured dinosaur Deinonychus. He also covers chalicotheres and I’m very excited to have a lot of artwork of them from Dougal Dixon in this issue. The head of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, from Tarzana, California writes a nice article about Burroughs and The Land That Time Forgot. Philip J Currie is back for a second round of writing about the dinosaurs of The Land That Time Forgot and Stephen Brusatte tells of all of the major dinosaur discoveries of 2018 now that the year has ended PLUS< MUCH< MORE!

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