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INTO THE VALLEY OF THE QUEENS When a team of archaeologists from the Museo Egizio in Turin excavated in the Valley of the Queens in the 1900s, they uncovered the looted tomb of Nefertari, one of the great queens of New Kingdom. We take a look at a touring exhibition that showcases their finds and celebrates this Egyptian queen. GRAND DESIGNS Herculaneum’s spectacular House of the Bicentenary reopened in 2019 after decades of closure took their toll on the Roman townhouse’s painted walls and mosaiced floors. Francesco Sirano and Leslie Rainer show us around the house and the lengthy conservation efforts that have enabled the site to open its doors once more. CUZCO In the 16th century, the Spanish conquest of the Inca capital of Cuzco in Peru saw the city go from the heart of one empire to the periphery of another. Michael J Schreffler explores the importance of the Inca city, its defeat, and its transformation, traces of which can be seen through its streets today. PUSHING BOUNDARIES The fertile fields of Campania in southern Italy attracted different settlers in antiquity, among them the Etruscans, who founded several cities near Greek colonies. Paolo Giulierini investigates the archaeological legacy of the Etruscans in this part of Italy, which tells the story of coexistence and conflict, and a keen interest in divination. THE GREAT BEYOND The ancient Greeks went to great lengths to ensure their dead were appropriately honoured. Their mythology is full of stories of the unavenged, but also, as David Stuttard writes, of sage spirits who could be consulted.

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