Epitome of Knowledge SIDDHAR BOGAR
Rishimukh|June 2021
One of the 18 siddha purushas of the siddha lineage in South India, Bogar was a great mystic with unique miraculous powers and had incredible knowledge in a variety of fields and disciplines. We bring you a glimpse of this great yogi’s extraordinary feats.
Bhavesh Parekh

Born in the family of goldsmiths, around 5th century BCE, Bogar grew up to be a scientist, poet,musician, philosopher and a yogi. Later under the guidance of his guru Kalanginaathar, he went on to become a siddha purusha, ‘the Enlightened One’, following which he started travelling extensively around the world spreading yoga and meditation. It is said that Bogar’s Guru, Kalangi Nathar directed Rishi Bogar to travel to China to spread the knowledge of Siddha Yoga. Bogar was also a disciple of the teachings of the great Rishi Agastya.

The Navapashanam

One of the most acclaimed Siddha elixirs, Navapashanam refers to as the nine poisonous substances that are mixed to form a unique combination and use for a variety of purposes. During the period of Siddhar Bogar, it was predicted that there would be times in the Kali Yuga when people would suffer from various diseases and lose their lives. So Bogar decided to prepare a healing elixir that would bring succor and respite from all misery.

The secret of Lord Murugan

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