The Real Source of Knowledge
Rishimukh|June 2021
What must a seeker embrace to gain Absolute Knowledge? Read on...
Swami Harihara

Nothing is more sacred than knowledge

The word Vidya originates from sanskrit root (dhatu) ‘vid’ which means to know. Vidya signifies true knowledge - the experience, the ultimate truth.

One of the most important aspects of human life is education. In ancient Vedic civilisation education was given utmost importance. An individual’s growth is not considered complete and civilised, without gaining proper education, as per his or her personal aptitude and optimum intellectual capacity. Out of 16 Vedic samskaras of human life, 5 samskaras such as Vidyaarambha, Upanayanam etc are dedicated only to education itself!

In the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna says, “Nothing is more sacred and purifying than education (knowledge).

What is the source of knowledge?

ūrdhvamūlam-adha:śākham-aśvatthaṃ prāhur-avyayam chandāṃsi yasya parṇāni yastaṃ veda sa vedavit (BG.15.1)

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