Runway|Spring 2020
Dress: Laura Vivienne

Tell us about your personal style?

My personal style has always been about taking chances. I’ve always liked just what I like, its usually on the edgier side. Getting into this business everyone wanted to change my style and have me cover up more. I would rebel against that by mixing designers with street style and adding a playful edge to it!

How has your style been influenced?

Growing up in Cincinnati Ohio I was always inspired by different edgier brands and creative music videos. The clothes they would wear would help inspire my looks for years to come. One of the first oufits I wore was a Terry Mugler suit that helpd kick of my love for fashion. I love when designers get edgy and mix rockstar chic with Hollywood glam.

What is your favorite type of shoe?

I honestly love combat boots and sneakers. I have a great pair of Chanel combat boots that I live for. I have always liked to break the rules and mix a Hollywood chic dress with a edgier shoe.

You have had an amazing career, what has been your favorite part?

Obviously working with Prince and having him believe in me and giving me so many great opportunities was a highlight. Honestly this is so hard! Singled Out, performing at the Crazy Horse Paris, shooting for all the fashion magazines, all the amazing events, It’s hard to choose!

Tell us about your music?

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