Jasika Nicole
Runway|Spring 2020
What have you been doing during quarantine?

Staying home and making things: food, shoes, clothes, furniture, textile art, pottery, watercolor. If I have the materials to create it, I’ll do it.

You make your own clothes and shoes. What are some of your favorite patterns and fabrics?

I prefer breathable fabrics whenever possible in linen, high-quality cotton, and silk blends. I’m really into polka dots and hues in my seasonal color palette right now. Seasonal palettes are a bit of an old-school approach to fashion and beauty, but after reading the original (problematic, but informative) book on color palettes for skin types that came out in the 70’s, it all connected for me and it has had a huge impact on the types of clothes I make and the outfits I now put together. I will always have a place in my heart for Big 4 patterns (Vogue, McCalls, etc), but I prefer working with indie patterns…the fit is usually better requiring less adjusting and the instructions and construction techniques are often more thoughtful and nuanced.

What is your favorite type of art?

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