Take The Money And Run
Super Street|January 2020
Micah Wright
If cars are supposed to be mechanical representations of their owners, then it’s only befitting this Nissan 350Z looks and acts the way it does. Owned, modified, and driven for the better part of the past decade by drift ace Rolando Alfaro, this car is one hell of a piece of work (as is its owner). We recently caught up with the talented driver after Gridlife South to hear all about his recent adventures and the car that has kept him going all these years.

To stress just how interesting this cat and his car are, let’s point out that Rolando first learned to drive at the tender age of seven… in a junkyard…in a junker. Since then, he’s owned everything from Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 rocket ships to stealthy Nissan R32 Skyline sedans, and this: a badass Z33 with a brand-new identity and the credentials to match.

Some of you may recall Rolando’s first feature in late 2016 when the car was still sporting a Nissan engine and trans, all wrapped up in 3M “Dragonfire” vinyl and rocking uber-rare Blitz wheels. Covered in reflective graphics and loaded with drift-ready performance enhancements, it served its purpose well as a car with little to lose and a massive amount to gain in the drift game.

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