Beautiful Inside and Out
Super Street|February 2020
This once daily driven, automatic 240SX is now one of the cleanest Nissan S14S ever built on the East Coast
By Benjamin Hunting

Transforming a daily driver into a show car is a fantasy almost everyone has entertained at some point. For serial 240SX owner April Taylor, the day a stranger backed into her Nissan in a parking lot marked the starting point for a project that would culminate in one of the cleanest, straightest Nissans on the East Coast.

“I’ve owned the car with my husband for eight years. It was our commuter at the time,” April explains. “We had another black 240 we’d been slowly tweaking as a show car, but when it became clear the body repair on the red car was going to be extensive, we decided to pull it off the road and go all in on starting fresh.”

It was a tall order. As it sat, the car featured a standard KA engine backed by an automatic transmission, which is hardly anyone’s idea of a tuner-friendly setup. Fortunately, April had extensive experience in the dark art of SR20DET swaps, having done several in the past on the long line of 240s that had been part of her life.

“Between the two of us, we’ve been wrenching on these cars for 13 years and are best friends with the past owners of a shop called JK Motorsports in North Carolina, where we spent more than a few late nights working on this platform,” April says. “It was a focal point for the local automotive community, and even though the shop is long gone, the crew that hung out there still keeps in touch.”

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