24 Hours of Torture
Super Street|February 2020
The new Supra gets the chance to prove its worth
By Nate Hassler

Seems like everywhere you look, the new Toyota Supra is all car people wanna talk about. Can you blame anyone, though? It’s a revival of one of the most iconic Japanese sports car marques of the Golden Era. Maybe you’re sick of it already, but so far, we really haven’t seen a lot of real-world tests. Through my experience traveling as a former Super Street editor and now full-time photographer, there’s really only one test I’d say holds more water than anything else: a real torture out in the field. If the Supra can suffer and come out the other end in one piece, then it proves it’s actually a pretty damn good car (whether you like it or not). The test in question is the annual 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race.

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