Toledo Jeep Fest 2019
JP Magazine|January 2020
Thousands of Jeeps take over Toledo
Traci Clark

Brand dedication and pride are two of the top things that come to mind when you attend Toledo Jeep Fest. We have attended countless Jeep events over the decades, but Toledo Jeep Fest is uniquely special. In Toledo, the birthplace of the Willys Jeep (some may argue it is the birthplace of all Jeeps, but we will leave that argument to others), there is a passion for the Jeep brand. The entire city lives, breathes, and bleeds Jeep, and it’s not just because Toledo is the headquarters for Jeep; it goes deeper than that. Toledo understands the “Jeep Thing.” It doesn’t matter which Jeep model you drive. If you sport a seven- or nine-slot grille, you get a Jeep wave—and not just the two-finger acknowledgement but a full-fledged, out-the-window wave. Even the local TV stations embrace the Jeep lifestyle and have Jeep news vehicles. They spotlighted Jeep Fest during their daily news coverage and attended the events associated with Jeep Fest, and we saw some of the best Jeep commercials we’ve ever seen on local Toledo stations.

Jeep Fest takes over 20 square blocks in downtown Toledo on Saturday and Sunday. The vendors set up in the streets amid the historic and modern architecture, show-’n’-shine Jeeps are parked along the way, and live music and kid zones dot the area, making it a very family-friendly event. When the midday August sun heats things up, attendees can venture over to the air-conditioned SeaGate Convention Centre to walk through the vintage and Jeep concepts display or take a stroll along the river and grab some lunch and a frosty beverage in the food court area.

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