Ocean City Jeep Week
JP Magazine|February 2020
Good vibes, high tides, and Jeep rides on the beach
Melissa Howard

A successful circus may start with a ringleader, but let’s face it, without the performers and the spectators, it would just be a big tent full of humorously dressed animals. The same goes for any successful Jeep show. Brad Hoffman, event director for Ocean City Jeep Week, and a team of dedicated people, businesses, and Jeep clubs have worked together for a number of years to create an amazing annual Jeep show in Ocean City, Maryland. Jeep enthusiasts from all walks of life came together at the 2019 Ocean City Jeep Week, held August 22-25, to enjoy four exciting days of sand play, challenging obstacles, and vendors galore. The days and nights were packed with never-ending good times and wonderful memories.

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