Horse Treats
HQ magazine|Issue 155
The ultimate guide

We all love spoiling our horses with treats. It makes us feel like good, kind humans, giving our horses a bit of joy. And, usually, joy is certainly on the cards when treating horses – with most gobbling it up, and then begging for more!


Moderation is key in giving treats. This means that one or two pieces of any treat are more than enough. Your horse is always going to beg for more, but you need to learn to resist for the sake of his wellbeing. You shouldn’t give large quantities of sugary food to any horse or pony, so keep everything in balance. If you feed too much of anything different, you also risk upsetting the gastrointestinal flora, and this can cause colic issues, so it really is advised that you only feed treats in moderation.


Cut up fruit and vegetables into small bitesized pieces for your horse. Whilst most horses can manage without this, if they wolf it down with too much enthusiasm, you could end up with a case of choke, necessitating a vet visit.


Manners can become an issue around food, and some horses will start to nip and bite when they realise treats are on offer. If this is a problem with your horse, it is advised that you avoid feeding him by hand, and rather put the treats into his feed bucket and give them to him that way. You don’t want him to see you as a human vending machine! It is also worth noting that feeding treats in a herd of horses is not advised, as the situation can become dangerous both for you and your horse, as ‘treat jealousy’ could ensue, resulting in kicking and biting.


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