If you also hold urine then you must read this article
Newstracklive|June 26, 2020

We adopt many methods to keep our health right. In such a situation, every activity of our body directly affects health, whether it is internal or external. In such a situation, people hold urine for a long time due to work or any other reason, but doing so can cause a big problem. Today we are going to tell you the same.

- You may not know that stopping urin for a long time increases the risk of urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection, which affects your health.

- Let us tell you that people who stop urinating frequently or daily may feel pain in kidney or bladder. With this, when you go to urinate after a long time, there is pain during urination. With this, the muscles may partially contract after urinating, due to which the muscles of the pelvic region can get cramped.

- The impurities of the body are taken out through the urine and if the urine is not discarded at the right time then the risk of infection in the body may increase.

- You may not know that stopping urination can cause urinary bladder, kidney or urinary tract irritation and inflammation and it is considered very harmful for kidney.

- Tell you that stopping the urine for too long interrupts the kidney's functioning and affects its performance.

- By stopping occupation for a long time, the risk of swelling in the bladder increases.

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