Adopt these home remedies to get rid of ulcers
Newstracklive|June 19, 2020

If you have blisters in your mouth and you are very upset with them, then you can try some remedies. In fact, if there are blisters in the mouth many times, then the taste of a man's life gets spoiled. He gets very upset with his mouth because neither he eats nor speaks. At the same time, it has not remained without eating. Not only this, this health related problem comes in every person's life, we are going to tell you Ayurvedic remedies to correct it. Yes, it seems very common but these Ayurvedic remedies are very effective. Yes, and by trying this remedy, you can get rid of the problem of mouth ulcers. Let's know about these remedies.

* In the first solution, you can take mango kernels, rasaut, gold ocher, paparia catechu, and grind them in honey and apply it in the mouth. You will benefit from this.

* According to the second remedy, cardamom, catechu, sandalwood, liquorice, coriander, sugar candy. Grind them in betel juice and make small tablets. Now put these pills in the mouth and kiss. You will definitely benefit from doing this.

* According to the third remedy, Mulahti, Lodh, Banshalochan, Cardamom - you make a mixture and put it in the mouth because it benefits.

* To do the fourth remedy, mix the juice of pipal leaves, the juice of betel leaves and apply it inside the mouth, it will benefit.

* According to the fifth step, rinse with a mixture of Kulanjan, Ginger, Turmeric, Poppy, Cedar - these will definitely benefit.

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