Girls must keep these things in mind before losing virginity
Newstracklive|July 01, 2020

Nowadays it is common to have a relationship. Virgin sex is considered to be the ladder of sex relations where for the first time, men and women make relations with each other. People believe that when a man enters his organ for the first time in a woman's private part, it is virgin sex, that is where the virginity of the woman ends.

# The caution is necessary during the first sex as it is adopted by the people who have done many times because it is not necessary that the virginity of the partner with whom they are going to do sex is safe.

# The entry of a man's organ into a woman's organ is considered to be a loss of virginity whereas if the entry of the organ into the organ, apart from oral sex, anal sex, is done, then the fear of HIV AIDS and organ infection increases.

# Apart from this, if your partner is a virgin and he uses an infected needle, then the risk of getting HIV increases manifold.

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