You may not know these things related to the orgasm
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

If orgasm is defined in one word, then it is not wrong to say 'extreme pleasure or pleasure'. However, it is also known by different names. Orgasm is a common process in adult people and can also be called the last stop of sex activity. Many times we get excited and forget the important things related to it, due to which your partner does not get the feeling of satisfaction, so by paying attention to the following things, both women and men can get orgasm.

Women take more time: Women can generally achieve orgasm longer than men, this time can be on average 7 to 14 minutes or even more. It is also worth knowing that during orgasm you can speed up or slow down the process of sexual intercourse, and its timing may vary each time.

You can get extreme pleasure even if the semen does not come: Both orgasm and semen are different things. However, these usually occur together. For many men, thick semen may be the best part of sexual intercourse, but other men feel orgasm after ejaculation. It is also important to know here that after the age of 40, ejaculation in men decreases, but this cannot be taken to mean that they are unable to get extreme pleasure.

Multiple orgasms occur in women: It may seem strange to read, but it is true that women can get ready to get an orgasm once they get an orgasm, while most men take the time to do so in the meantime. They require rest. If the person is more than 30 years of age, this rest can be up to a few hours, but if they are under 30, then they can be ready for an orgasm again in a few minutes, but both In this case, the chances of semen getting thicker or more than before are less.

Excessive orgasm is not achieved by masturbation: Anything is considered extremely bad. This rule applies 100 percent in masturbation. People who masturbate excessively often find it difficult to get orgasm during sex.

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