Every country in the world is fighting against Corona for 6 months, know where human life reached
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

The World Health Organization came to know about the death of pneumonia in China a long time ago. Which has now passed six months. But the coronavirus vaccine is not available. In these 180 days, the world has turned 360 degrees and changed. Every system that has been in place for centuries has changed. Covid-19 has affected China first and after that almost all the countries of the world.

According to the Guardian, Corona has made 10 million people its victims all over the world. While the death toll has crossed 5 lakh. Under these circumstances, the borders were closed, the lockdown was imposed and the economies of many countries were badly affected. Let us know where our fight against this epidemic has reached in these six months and how easy it has been to defeat it.

Increased risk of corona in old age

According to Woolhouse, a 75-year-old person has a significantly higher risk of corona infection than a 15-year-old. Experts believe that the risk of corona infection to a 75-year-old person is 10 thousand times. The effect of the virus in the elderly is fatal. To avoid this, the concept of domestic biosecurity has to be invented. According to the Guardian, Annie Johnson, a professor of epidemiology at University College London, said the biggest problem tracking and controlling covid-19 is people without symptoms. At first we did not know this thing. He said that collecting epidemic data should be our priority in the coming months. By establishing facts on the basis of age, sex etc., a big difference can be made in eradicating the disease.

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