This state is seen kneeling in front of Corona, virus wreaking havoc in 20 districts
Newstracklive|July 03, 2020

Corona has spread in 20 districts of Haryana. 568 new corona patients have been found in these districts. Also, the number of people dying in the state is not being named. There have been 11 more deaths in the state from Corona. After which the number of people who died of corona in the state has increased to 251. While the total infected patients reached 15509. The recovery rate is 71.05 percent. The infection rate is 5.71 percent. A sample report of 5469 suspected patients is awaited. While 59 patients are in critical condition. Out of total infected patients, 11019 patients have also been cured.

For your information, tell that 106 in Gurugram, 130 in Faridabad, 131 in Sonipat, 31 in Rohtak, 16 in Ambala, 4 in Palwal, 34 in Karnal, 18 in Hisar, 10 in Mahendragarh, 35 in Jhajjar, 18 in Rewari. New cases of infection have been reported in 7, Nuh, 6 in Panipat, 4 in Kurukshetra, 3 in Fatehabad, 7 in Panchkula, 2 in Jind, 1 in Sirsa, 2 in Yamunanagar and 3 in Charkhi Dadri. While 4 patients in Gurugram, 3 in Faridabad, 1 in Rohtak, 2 in Karnal and 1 patient in Hisar have died from this deadly virus.

Apart from this, 5569 in Gurugram, 4028 in Faridabad, 1330 in Sonipat, 626 in Rohtak, 344 in Ambala, 332 in Palwal, 331 in Bhiwani, 441 in Karnal, 359 in Karnal, 250 in Hisar, 276 in Mahendragarh, 297 in Jhajjar, 314 in Rewari, 207 infected patients have emerged in Nuh, 206 in Panipat, 133 in Kurukshetra, 122 in Fatehabad, 119 in Panchkula, 111 in Jind, 109 in Sirsa, 105 in Yamunanagar, 106 in Kaithal and 106 in Charkhi Dadri. While 14 Italians and 21 people from America were also found infected.

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