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Brain Mental Health Stress Image Credit: Delight Gluten Free
Brain Mental Health Stress Image Credit: Delight Gluten Free

How To Exercise Your Mind Power

Healthy brains are constantly creating neurons. Unfortunately, when we’re stressed out or unhappy, our brains don’t produce as many neurons, even though that’s when we need them most.

A study recently tested a novel therapy, MAP, to see how mental and physical training increases neuron production, and keeps those neurons alive and kicking. Twice a week, study participants performed 30 minutes of meditation followed by 30 minutes of physical activity on a treadmill or stationary bike. After eight weeks, the results indicated that patients’ depressive symptoms had been reduced by 40 percent.

Researchers believe this means that a combination of mental and physical exercise is an effective treatment in combating stress and depression. Since aerobic exercise and meditation are nonpharmaceutical and require no financial commitment, MAP therapy is easily accessible to all.

Get Up and Running

It seems humans have evolved to be better runners through the millennia, so why is there such a high rate of injuries among modern-day runners? Scientists wondered if it had less to do with human physiology and more to do with the gait of individual runners.

249 female runners had their gaits watched and measured, then recorded their miles and any running-related injuries they sustained during the study. When the scientists compared the two groups, the injured group had much higher impact-related measurements than those who had not been injured. High impact running is associated with landing on the heel, rather than the ball of the foot, and is now linked to a higher rate of bone and soft-tissue injuries.

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