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Now You Listen Hear Image Credit: Your Family
Now You Listen Hear Image Credit: Your Family

Now You Listen Hear

Your Mouth Is Moving. There’S Sound Coming Out. So Why Is Your Child Not Hearing You? Kate Sidley Knows – They’Re Just Not Listening!

A friend of mine recently took her seven-year-old son to the doctor to have his ears examined. The poor child’s hearing was deteriorating rapidly and she was very worried. She was expecting a pea or a giant ball of wax to emerge, but nope, the ears looked fine. Convinced there must be a deeper problem, she took him to the audiologist. The kid goes into the little booth and presses the button when he hears the beeps and the audiologist makes notes. Result? Perfect hearing.

But you guessed that, right? Because you have kids. And anyone who has kids has wondered whether they can actually hear you when you speak.

I laughed uproariously when I heard of her unnecessary visits to the ear doc. Because I have been ignored by children for well over a decade and I KNOW that their ears are not the problem. When my first was a toddler, I devised a simple test to determine whether she could hear or not. I would go into the next room and root around in my handbag for a restaurant peppermint, which I’d open with a certain amount of rustling. My daughter would arrive within two minutes. Finding: if a child can hear a sweet wrapper at 100 paces, there’s nothing wrong with her hearing. If she ignores your request to stop ripping the petals off your daisy bush, there is some other factor at play.

I gave my poor friend the wisdom of my years of parenting experience. ‘He’s just ignoring you,’ I said helpfully. ‘He doesn&rsquo

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