Go From Flab To Fab In 3 Weeks!
B Positive|November 2019
Go From Flab To Fab In 3 Weeks!
Abdominal muscles are one of the most attractive parts in our body.
Vijay Simha

Although they are one of the many body parts that one works on in a gym, they are synonymous with dedication, hard work and discipline with diet and workouts. If you want toned abs start working out with Apollo life Studio’s 3-weeks ab challenge. Working out your abs is nothing but working on your core. Your core strength is very important as it keeps your torso in a more stable position during your ADl (Activities of Daily living) work, while playing sports, going to work or doing your daily chores. A stronger core prevents lower back injuries and increases your body’s balance.

So, here’s a 3-weeks ab challenge by Apollo life Studio! Don’t miss out on reading the two upcoming B-Positive editions for the other 2-weeks exercise regime! let’s begin rightaway!

All the three weeks on Day 1 and 2, we will concentrate on cardio and ab workouts, 3rd day is complete Metabolic Training. On days 4 and 5, we will be doing cardio and abs workouts again. 6th day will be a repeat of Metabolic Training. 7th day is for rest and recovery!

WeeK 1


20-minute sprints – Run on the treadmill at a comfortable speed where you can manage a fast sprint for 1 minute (could be a speed setting of 9-11) or whatever speed feels faster according to your endurance capacity. You have to run for 1 minute and rest for 1 minute and then increase the speed and run again for 1 minute and relax for a minute. likewise, go 5 mins up and 5 mins down (eg. if you start at 10 speed on the treadmill then your scale should follow the following pattern- 10,11,12,13,14,14,13,12,11 speeds respectively so that would be 10 minutes of running in total and 10 mins of rest). After 20 minutes of sprinting, we get down to doing four ab variations.

1. Leg Raises

• Lie on the floor over the mat and place both hands under your lower back

• lift both legs together to 90 degrees without folding your knees

• Perform this for 30 seconds

• Do 4 sets of 30 seconds each

2. Alternate Toe Touches

• Lie on the floor and keep both your hands straight on the floor and above your head. legs should be straight on the floor

• Bring both your hands forward while simultaneously bringing one leg to a 90-degree angle and touch your toes or try to with both hands

• Alternate the legs and perform this for 30 seconds

• Do 4 sets of 30 seconds each

3. Plate Twists

• Sit on the floor with your legs straight and balanced up in the air, knees slightly bent

• Hold a weighted plate above your abdomen, and make it touch the floor on each side of your stomach

• Perform this for 30 seconds

• Do 4 sets of 30 seconds each

4. Plank

• Lie straight on the floor on your forearms and toes and hold the body parallel to the floor for 30 seconds, don’t let your body touch the ground - 4 sets of 30 seconds

After these 4 exercises, you need to get on to the treadmill and perform 20 mins of sprints like how you did before your ab exercises.


Start the routine with same sprints for 20 minutes

1. Leg Lift With Hip Raise

• Lie on the floor with your hands behind the back and raise both the legs together upwards without bending the knees till you raise your hips offthe floor

• Bring them back to the floor again, perform this for 30 seconds

• Do 4 sets of 30 seconds each

2. High Knee Crunches

• Lie flat on the floor with your knees folded at a 90 degree angle

• Crunch forward while you bring the elbows towards the knees, perform this for 30 seconds

• Do 4 sets of 30 seconds each

3. Suitcase Crunches

• Lie flat on the floor with your body facing the ceiling and legs straight. Fold both your knees and simultaneously bring your hands together forward towards your knees


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