A2 Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Magazine - Summer 2018 - Issue 28

Publisher: LeWeb Media PTY Ltd
Category: Health, Women's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine, your South African go-to magazine dedicated to aesthetics, anti-ageing, integrative medicine, medical skincare, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery. We are the pit stop for our aesthetically minded readers who are already on, or about to embark on their aesthetic journey. We print only four magazines each year - one in March (Autumn), June (Winter), September (Spring) and December (Summer). In addition to covering all the latest local and international news on the aesthetic and cosmetic front, we also have an extensive range of highly accredited and reputable medical professionals on our panels – all here to help you make an informed decision on your aesthetic journey.

Welcome to the 4th of four A2 print editions for 2018. In this issue: • 50 shades of Night… chronic insomnia is an under addressed yet crippling condition that affects a large percentage of the populace, by Dr Sly Nedic. • Taking a look at smartphone addiction, by Mandy Collins. • Postpartum anxiety: a unique problem faced by women, but you are not alone. By Dr Sara Gottfried. • Managing the tear trough, treating this under eye concern. By Dr Riekie Smit. • Beauty and aesthetics through the eyes of the millennial, by Dr Anushka Reddy. • Can salons administer injectables without a medical practitioner? by Dr Alek Nikolic. • Embracing the natural look with facial injectables. • Uncovering acne, by Dr Judey Pretorius. • Treating darker skins – Dr Portia Gumede discusses the concerns when dealing with ethnic skins. • Unpacking Photodynamic Therapy - you have been prescribed PDT for the treatment of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions. So, what exactly is this procedure and how does it work? By Dr Dagmar Whitaker. • Taking a look at options available when it comes to financing plastic surgery procedures. • Meet Dr Gloria Tshukudu, South Africa’s first black female plastic surgeon. • Marrying Dentistry with Facial Aesthetics – Dr Anjana Bhana advises how to perfect the frame around a beautiful smile. • Bad Breath? Wondering what might be causing it? Post nasal drip could be the culprit. And so much more!

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