Disaster Survival Magazine - Summer 2015

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Disaster Survival Magazine Issue #5 Summer 2015 The ReadyMan Group- A team of ex special forces operators who teach valuable survival and preparedness skills. Interview with Robert Vicino of the Vivos Group more commonly know as the world's largest and most luxurious DOOMSDAY bunkers. Mr. Vicino hints that members of the elite are starting to "Bug-out" he also talks about a incoming planet from ancient Sumerian tablets known as "Nibiru" that could bring world wide devastation. Civil Unrest- keeping you and your family safe, When Disaster Strikes! ON VACATION, Economic Collapse, Going Underground- caching techniques, Extreme Weather, How to blend in during a disaster, Prepping on budget, Into the Wilderness-Hiking and camping guide, Wilderness Dangers, Surviving CPS Keeping your family intact, What to do when the power goes out, Cooking with the sun, Product of the year HarvestRights in home freeze dryer for making your emergency survival food. How to get friends and family into prepping.

Survival, Prepping, Hunting, Camping, News, current events, politics, hot topics, how 2 guides, survival guides, off grid and outdoors lifestyle. Over 150 pages of blockbuster articles and sizzling graphics. DSM is not just a magazine it's a entire network of survivalists and preppers. Continuity of community. What we can't do alone we can do together.

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