BOLD Ageless Beauty - Fall 2017

Publisher: BOLD Favor Media Group LLC
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
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"There IS life after 40!" This is the motto of BOLD Ageless Beauty, a collaboration between BOLD Favor Magazine and the Lyngale Agency. Combining the strengths of the Leadership Lifestyle of BOLD Favor and the modeling and fashion finesse of the Lyngale Agency, BOLD Ageless Beauty highlights people who inspire us to live extraordinarily well with the style and class of a celebrity. Featuring models, celebrities, business owners, events, book reviews, destination recommendations, and other fun and exciting wonders. This magazine has something special for everyone, put particularly those who know that there is a BOLD life after 40!

Embrace health as a way of living with THE "life after 40" empowerment magazine BOLD Ageless Beauty! Cover Terrance Hutchinson shares his story of transforming his life after a diabetic coma, Dr. John Vu helps us balance the scales of Menopause, Jules Johnson saves us as we suffocate from socialization, stay glammed up for the season with stylist Kendra Y. Hill, rekindle the romance in your marriage with Cindy Brown, eat and drink well with Nissa K, get thoughtful food from BJ "The Prophet" Bowman, tickle your funny bone with Comedian Tiny, energize your ambitions with film producer Michael Angelo and your gratitude with designer Melvin Williams, Ageless Couple Alison & Shane share their story, and prepare for world take over with Cool Water and the EXQUISITE models of The Lyngale Agency!

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