Diabetes Health Magazine - April - May 2021

Diabetes Health Magazine - April - May 2021

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Our eating patterns have cultural and geographical significance attached to them. There is an old saying, “we are what we eat”. Our dietary choices impact our wellbeing. Healthy food choices help us in keeping fit whereas unhealthy and junk foods impact our health parameters and increase our risk of diseases. A lot of diet patterns from across the world are currently being assessed for their impact on health conditions. Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the traditional diet of countries along the Mediterranean Sea such as Greece, France and Turkey.
Diet is an integral part of Diabetes management. Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder in which an unhealthy and imbalanced diet impacts the way body processes the glucose. The latest issue of Diabetes Health discusses the constituents of the Mediterranean diet and its varied health benefits. The two-part cover story explores different ways to derive its usefulness in the Indian dietary setting. The issue also highlights the emotional impact of Diabetes diagnosis and presents various coping techniques to lead a happy life with Diabetes.
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Diabetes can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to stop you from living a full and satisfying life. Diabetes Health is here to help you thrive with diabetes, with expert advice, personal stories, and delicious recipes.

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* Expert advice: From doctors and nurses, get the latest information on diabetes management, from cutting-edge research to practical tips.
* Personal stories: From people living with diabetes, hear how they've overcome challenges and found joy in their lives.
* Recipes: Delicious and healthy recipes that are perfect for people with diabetes, from comfort food to exotic fare.
* Exercise tips: Get motivated to get moving with fun and effective exercise routines that are tailored to your fitness level.
* Product reviews: Find the best products to help you manage your diabetes, from blood glucose meters to insulin pumps.
* And more: Diabetes Health also features articles on a variety of other topics, such as travel, food, and entertainment.

Diabetes Health is a must-read for anyone who has diabetes or is affected by it. It is the only magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of diabetes management, from the latest research to personal stories of inspiration.

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