Diabetes Health Magazine - October - November 2020

Diabetes Health Magazine - October - November 2020

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Cooking oil is one of the most common ingredients found in any kitchen. Without cooking oil, it is hard to imagine preparing different cuisines that currently exist across the world. From salad dressings to fried foods, cooking oils are used in variety and in different quantities to enhance the taste and make the food palatable.
But how well do we know our cooking oils? Fun fact - Cooking oils contain various vitamins and minerals if consumed in an unrefined form! It is important to know the right quantity and type of oil to choose for different cooking activities. This helps in preventing the risk of high cholesterol and other health problems that may occur due to an unhealthy diet.
The latest issue of Diabetes Health discusses in an in-depth manner about cooking oils and specific things to look for while choosing cooking oil. The three-part cover story highlights the use of different oils for different cooking methods, its impact on health and the right way to store cooking oils to retain its goodness for a longer period. The cover story also answers the most commonly and frequently asked questions and explains how different kinds of fat impact our blood lipid levels. The issue also focuses on the link between diabetes, hypertension and heart disease and solutions to avoid the risk and the impact of the second meal of our day on the blood sugar levels.
Also in this issue:
● Simple ways to manage gastritis
● Tips to improve oral health
● Diet for children with Type 1 Diabetes
● Stretching exercises for improved flexibility
● Quiz, answers to readers' queries, Diabetes news and a lot more

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Diabetes can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to stop you from living a full and satisfying life. Diabetes Health is here to help you thrive with diabetes, with expert advice, personal stories, and delicious recipes.

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* Expert advice: From doctors and nurses, get the latest information on diabetes management, from cutting-edge research to practical tips.
* Personal stories: From people living with diabetes, hear how they've overcome challenges and found joy in their lives.
* Recipes: Delicious and healthy recipes that are perfect for people with diabetes, from comfort food to exotic fare.
* Exercise tips: Get motivated to get moving with fun and effective exercise routines that are tailored to your fitness level.
* Product reviews: Find the best products to help you manage your diabetes, from blood glucose meters to insulin pumps.
* And more: Diabetes Health also features articles on a variety of other topics, such as travel, food, and entertainment.

Diabetes Health is a must-read for anyone who has diabetes or is affected by it. It is the only magazine that provides comprehensive coverage of diabetes management, from the latest research to personal stories of inspiration.

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