Airbrush Step by Step - July - August - September 2018

Publisher: newart medien & design gbr
Category: Art, Men's Interest
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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Airbrush Step by Step is the magazine for all airbrush artists - from the beginner to advanced level. It appeals to classical airbrusher and plastic scale modellers, to the body or custom painter as well as professional illustrators. Airbrush Step by Step aims at providing practical airbrush advice and helping readers to improve their skills through creative user tipps and basic information. With Airbrush Step by Step magazine readers bene t from detailed how to descriptions of all kinds of airbrush illustrations, custom painting, bodypainting and further airbrush use, for any skill level. Read about events and news from the airbrush scene, tips from experts as well as reports on airbrush jobs and projects. The magazine also provides basic information, making-ofs, artist interviews and portfolios and product reviews.

The artists featured in this issue have no reason at all to be shy and – look at that! – we also got three German artists in here: Andreas Werner takes the challenge of photorealism and paints a glas bottle of Whiskey with all its reflections, transparencies and many details. Wolfgang Gerstemeier tried to capture an image of Koi fishes in his garden pond, which turned out to be a very ambitious project – right at the beginning from getting a good reference photo. Pia Achtenhagen is not the classic airbrush artist, but her art of building models of phantasy animals is not less intricate. It’s the airbrush finish that makes her models coming to life. Looking at airbrush artists from all over the world, you find that love for detail, diligents and self-challenging attitude with all of them. Let’s take Colombian Rafa Fonseca: He painted such a lovely and gentle portrait of his grandfather. Spanish artist Hugo Maciel put a lot of effort in creating an effectful swarm of bats, just to enhance the Joker portrait on a shirt. Last but not least, the European „queen of photorealism“, Marissa Oosterlee, shows us in the interview how airbrush art can still be highly in demand even for TV promotion purposes, if you just put that much portion of talent and care into your artwork like she does. So the message is: Keep it going. Believe in yourself. Accept critics, take it as an advice and learn from the pros to improve your own abilities. But you may also accept admiration. Be proud of what you are capable of. Because in any case, it’s so much more than just ordinary people can do! Have fun with this new issue and with learning, admiring and trying! The ASBS Team

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