Turner growing into role
Warpath|January 2021
Scott Turner is no longer known just as Norv’s son and the kid who grew up at the Washington team facility and FedEx Field. He’s now a key cog in the rebranding and resurgence of the burgundy-and-gold offense.
Chris Russell

“I think we’re growing. I think we’re growing as an overall offense, and I’m part of that,” Turner recently said.

He’s more than right. The pedestrian and bland offensive attack Turner inherited is taking on his personality and style as the 2020 season wears on.

It’s multiple. What does that mean? Zeroing in on any one thing is extremely difficult to do for an opponent.

It also means that they are building together despite some major potholes along the way.

“I think our communication has been pretty good,” Turner said. “I think when you play with three different quarterbacks, there’s going to be little differences with each guy. There’s been some things we have to get better at. Our quarterbacks do a good job of communicating to the offense. Just as far as myself, every game is going to present a different set of challenges. You’ve got to get yourself ready for that. You’ve got to recognize what kind of adjustments you’ve got to make as the games go on. One thing is you’ve got to know when to say when.

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