Q&A with Ron Rivera, Martin Mayhew and Marty Hurney
Warpath|March 2021
Coach Ron Rivera, General Manager Martin Mayhew and Executive Vice President of Football/Player Personnel Marty Hurney met with the media via Zoom on Feb. 3 to discuss the direction of the new front office. The interview is edited for space.

What went into the hiring process?

RIVERA: Both of these guys were very impressive during this process, a process that lasted almost three full weeks. But we got through it. Both [Owner] Mr. [Dan] Snyder and I both feel very comfortable with the decisions that we’ve made going forward. These men have both been with this organization in the past and this is a homecoming of sorts for both of them. They understand the rich history and tradition of this franchise and are eager to get to work to get us back to playing championship football here in the DMV.”

What do they look for in a franchise quarterback?

MAYHEW: “I’ll tell you, that’s the most important position on the football field really, so you’ve got to have football intelligence to play the position. You’ve got to have the arm talent. The leadership ability is really important. One of the most important things I think is the football character. That’s all the preparation that goes into it, that’s understanding the game, that’s being mentally tough, that’s having passion for it. All of those things are required in that position. You really can’t cut any corners there. You’ve got to really be a complete football player to be successful there.”

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