Going deep with Dan Feil
The Good Life|March 2021
Warm crystal clear water, incredible fish, spectacular scenery, why not jump off a boat in the tropics?

As the son of Bob Feil, founder of Bob Feil Boats and Motors in East Wenatchee, Dan Feil spent much of his life around boats.

He helped thousands of people enjoy boating, as he did himself. Dan is also a pilot and has traveled throughout the U.S. attending meetings related to the business.

He loves seeing things on the water and from the air, but his latest interest takes him under the water. Dan Feil has discovered scuba diving.

It didn’t just occur to him one day that it looked like fun. It started when he and his wife Sally were in Hawaii.

While relaxing on one of the beaches he decided to rent a mask, snorkel and fins. He found exploring the near shore reefs and seeing the incredible variety of fish fascinating. He found that the reefs off Kona, Hawaii were even more spectacular than on most of the islands.

It was at his Rotary Club that he saw presentations on excursions to destinations known for their reefs and wrecks that attracted people from all over the world. These attractions were explored by scuba diving.

The fact that these destinations were in areas with warm climates and crystal clear water added to the appeal of the adventure.

The best times to visit these locales is in the winter. While our temperatures hover around freezing the water he would be diving in averaged 80 degrees, even at depths of 80 feet.

Dan was soon a regular at the Orca Dive Center here in Wenatchee, learning about scuba diving.

Owner Van Ford is a member of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors and could provide the training needed to learn to dive.

In addition to having all the equipment Dan needed, Van also offered excursions to the best diving destination all over the world. Joining these excursions made travel to these destinations very easy.

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