Future Proof Your Pregnant Body
Living and Loving|February 2017

A few clever lifestyle adjustments before you have your baby will make you a healthier, happier new mom.

Hannah Fox

1. Prepare your mind


Get yourself ready mentally for becoming a mom. “It’s a good idea to keep a journal and write down what you think you’ll love as a parent, what you know you’ll miss about your non-mom life and what you’re most worried about,” says psychologist Mia Scotland. “This can help you process your hopes, fears and worries. Later, you can read it to see how accurate you were, too.”

2. Reduce hair loss


You may notice your hair becomes thicker during pregnancy, so it’s easy to neglect it because it naturally looks good. “Higher oestrogen levels lengthen the hair’s natural growth cycle,” says trichologist Marilyn Sherlock. “But, once your hormones return to normal after the birth, your hair may start falling out.” While a deep condition now won’t prevent this from happening later, it will help minimise loss or breakage. Try Hask Hot Oil Argan Oil, R55, or TRESemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment, R86.

3. Protect your teeth and gums


Pregnancy hormones cause your gums to soften and they may become inflamed and bleed. “It’s important to floss and brush daily, as only 60% of the tooth is cleaned using just a brush,” says Karen Coates, dental health advisor for the British Dental Health Foundation. “And don’t skip your check-ups at the dentist.”

4. Turn over a new leaf


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