Globe|October 25, 2021
Branded most hated woman in H’wood after trash-talk book

VENGEFUL Katie Couric’s cruelly trashed old lovers, co-workers and celebrities in her toxic tell-all — but the blowback she’s getting is destroying what’s left of her fading career, insiders dish.

Media critic Bill Mann claims, “Katie Couric has written the obituary for her own career with this book.

“She’ll be a pariah in the news business and the entertainment industry from now on.”

Meanwhile, a former TV co-worker dishes: “I think she genuinely wants to settle scores, but she didn’t realize how bad this would be and how badly she would come across. She’s now the most hated woman in Hollywood.”

In Going There, set for release Oct. 26, the catty former Today host and CBS Evening News anchor slams ex-colleagues Diane Sawyer, Deborah Norville and Ashleigh Banfield and celebs she interviewed like Martha Stewart, Prince Harry and Joan Rivers.

Couric claims Prince Harry stank when she met him at a polo match years ago, writing that the odor of cigarettes and booze seemed to “ooze from every pore” in his body.

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