The Captain
SuperYacht World|November - December 2017

Q&As with Captain Russell Short of Willow

Russell Short

Age 49-ish Place of birth Milwich, UK Previous yachts Perpetual, Agave, Mabruk 2, Waterlily, Caneli II, Epicurus, Chantal Current yacht Willow Number of crew 8

What was your first taste of the sea? 

My father took me mackerel fishing in a little boat on the West Coast of Scotland on one of our family holidays. Using a rod and a line of hooked feathers we hit a shoal of feeding fish and I was reeling them in six at a time – very exciting for a nine-year old.

Which destinations do you most look forward to visiting? 

I love going back to the Turkish Coast. The scenery is spectacular, the people friendly and I love nothing better than anchoring by the stern in one of the many little coves away from the crowd. I also love South East Africa. Africa gets into your blood and you have to keep going back.

What’s the one place in the world you’d like to cruise to that you haven’t already? 

Baja peninsula in Mexico to see the migratory whales and dive at one of the many top dive sites so rich in underwater fauna and flora.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry? 

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