Street Trucks|Yota Winter 2021
There’s no terrain too tough for is 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

For many who are off-road and overland, all it takes is one time out on the trail and that person is hooked. A newfound hobby is formed and many adventures soon follow. Once that trail-seeking bug bites, many of us see various iterations to their beloved 4x4. That is exactly what happened with this extreme FJ Cruiser. After only one trail ride with a friend, a new hobby ignited and the desire developed for owner Sean Voruz to push his trail running limits.

The 2007 FJ Cruiser started out as a 4WD option to get around the snowy streets during Wisconsin’s winters. However, after a move to Colorado, the FJ Cruiser started a whole new life as an off-road adventure machine. Voruz took the FJ on a trail run with a friend who owned a Jeep. From that point, Voruz was hooked. Inspired by the trip, he Immediately decided to lift the FJ and installed a 3-inch Toytech lift. He also added a 1-inch body lift, a full set of skid plates, an aluminum front bumper with a winch, and a roof rack, all within a 6-8 month period.

This rendition lasted about a year until Voruz wanted to go on more difficult trails. He took the FJ Cruiser out on most weekends and got plenty of time behind the wheel. The more he left the pavement for dirt, the more he felt the need to challenge himself. One harder trail lead to another harder trail, and Voruz knew it was time for another upgrade to the FJ Cruiser.

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