Street Trucks|Yota Winter 2021
Dicing It Up With The Snow Peak Cutting Board Set L.

Two of the first things that come to mind when it comes to camp kitchens are portability and utility. Just how much kitchen can you pack into a tub or bag that gets stored in the back of your truck? Choosing the right or wrong tools can make or break the usefulness of a camp kitchen.

Keeping your cooking tools lightweight and compact doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice utility and build quality. Snow Peak is known for high-quality yet minimalistic camping gear that balances outstanding utility with impressive weight savings. They are known for well-made outdoor dining and living accessories and luckily for us, they seem to gravitate to the outdoor cooking space heavily.

For those in the know, Snow Peak’s wide selection of stoves, grills, and cookware are on just about everybody’s wish lists. We’ve been using their Cutting Board Set L for quite some time now and thought this was a great opportunity to spread their word about its virtues.

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